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Thread: iPhone memory loss - Reboot - Reboot - Freeze - Reboot

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    Default iPhone memory loss - Reboot - Reboot - Freeze - Reboot
    CRAP!!!!! I really don't want this to turn into a forced restore, but i am starting to think that may be my only option.

    Ok, i have a 16G Iphone 3g, 2.2.0 JB (with Quickpwn)

    Everything was fine but all of a sudden this morning (about 2 months after i JB'ed) the phone rebooted on its own. No big deal i thought, I thought wrong. THe phone then continued to reboot every time i turned it on. sometimes it would freeze, sometimes it would just perpetually reboot, and then sometimes it would just shut off. I tried doing a hard reset, but no joy.

    Then phone will turn on fine, and even last about 30 seconds before it freezes or reboots. I think that something is eatina all the virual memory because when i turn it on, and imediatly launch SBSettings, i see the "Available Memory" at like 50 something, and it just runs down. In about 15 seconds, it goes from 55 to about 8 until it freezes/reboots.

    What is causing this?? Is there a way to shut down all processes, or to track exactly what app (or whatever) is doing the damage?

    In the past two days i haven't done that much that i think could cause this. The main things were i installed apt-backup, and ran that yesterday, i did do my first sync w/ itunes since the new 2.2.1 firmware came out (i didn't upgrade or install it or anything) I also declined to install the new carrier update. And right before this all happend, i modded the SBBadgeBG (the notification png image) but i can't imagine that having anything to do with this.

    The only other thing i can think of is that i tried emailing a movie i made on iphonevideorecorder last week, and it has been stuck in the outbox ever since, so today i disabled the account that was trying to email that video. But i was even still able to email two other things after i did that, so i'm not sure about that either.

    Please help me, i know i can always restore, but i have put way to much work into this phone to wipe it all away now.

    Oh, i also installed Winscp yesterday, and browsed around on it, but didn't actually do anything on it. I was using iphonebrowser before that.

    ok so heres an update. I actually got this issue fixed, tho im not exactly sure how. I have seen a lot of threads about the ASOD and so on, but i think my issue may be somewhat different. For starters i was able to get into my SB at least for 20 seconds before crash. And i solved the problem (i think) by opening winscp and (thats really all i did, just log into the iphone) that did the trick. So now i am thinking that this is the same issue everyone else is having with the watchdog 2min issue.

    Now the problem is back!!! It was working fine for hours, but then i went back in (with iphonebrowser) and modded some more themes (that is all, just png files) and sure enough once i disconnected, (and resprung) back to the loop. I'm starting to think that using winscp for the first time and logging in with openssh for the first time may have caused something to change, and now when i use iphonebrowser, it creates this issue.

    My head is getting grayer by the minute... Please someone, ANYONE, help!!
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    1-Reboot your device
    2-Open the terminal&type in
    mv /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/mobilewatchdog.bundle/ /
    Make sure you do not forget the last “space” & “/“!
    3- Type in
    *The device will reboot.Actually you removed the process that will kill Springboard every 2 minutes.But now you will have another problem:After 10minutes or so a hardware monitoring process will have a check on the running system.Since it will not find the process you just prevented from booting the hardware monitoring process will re-boot the iPhone.
    4- As soon as you see your SpringBoard again you should make sure you copy the removed process starter back to its original position.Or you iPhone will continue to reboot every 10 minutes!So login using root and type:
    mv /mobilewatchdog.bundle /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/
    *Do not wait with this too long as the iPhone should not reboot while this command is running!To be on the safe side you could wait for another reboot,login then as fast as possible (normally roughly a minute after rebooting started) and run the command.

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    I don't know how to do that on a terminal, but i tried saving the mobile watchdog file, deleting it, rebooting,... actually thats as far as i got, becuase even with that file gone, the phone still froze after about ten seconds in the SB.

    I think my issue may be different than all the reboot cycles that everyone is going through because i can actually get onto my SB for about 10-20 seconds. What happens is the Available memory just drops until the phone freezes. is there a way to track what might be eating all my memory??????? I have really done a lot of work on this one, and i can't seem to find any threads with the exact same issue as me.

    Please help..

    Ok this time i can't even get a random lucky fix. The phone has rebooted (either automatically, or manually) at least 60 times today, and still no luck. I have tried everything i can think of. Sometimes it even loads up to the "Connect to itunes" window. and even then, it will only last about 10-20 seconds before that screen freezes, and reboot. and then on the next load, it will come back to my regular lockscreen, and say the iphone has been activated. Then once again, 10 seconds...freeze...reboot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think i can make it through tonight, but if i don't have a phone by tomorrow, i am gonna be forced to restore. Please please please help..
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    Maybe you can use 'free memory' or 'memory status' on app store to free up your random memory(ram)...

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    i was thinking the same thing, i just feel like it would just free up memory, and then drain it again, kinda like dumping buckets of water out of a boat thats full of holes. Ther is something going on here, and the reason im surprised obout this is because i am rediculously carful w all jb actions. i havn't done anything that is not proven to work. so i don't get this bizarr issue

    i;m not sure why, but it seems that putting the phone in airplane mode is the only thing that seems to be getting some kind of results. my phone is on now for about 3 minutes on airplane mode (progress) and i think that may have had something to do with the solution process from the last time this happened. hmmm
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    ok, i knew somethig was off. I fixed it. It had nothing to do with the watchdog issue. It was an email that was too large to send out. once i disabled my email, all was good... weird

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