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Thread: 3G Battery Life. Charging via laptop?

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    Cool 3G Battery Life. Charging via laptop?
    I have an 8gig 3G iphone. It's only about 2 months old. I'm finding the battery life appalling! I'm lucky if it last 2 days. I'm charging it via my laptop through the usb cable supplied. I have the plug adapter, but not used it yet. I was wondering if it's known, whether charging through laptop would not give it a proper charge? I do use the 3g stuff during the day, but always turn the 3g function off when done. My fw is the 2.2, I've not updated to the 2.2.1. My phone is jailbroken. I does dont know why the battery is not lasting. Is this common? Anything else I could check for draining the phone when I'm not using it? Be gratful of any advice given. Regards

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    Lucky if it lasts 2 days?? WOW! I'm lucky if my 3G lasts through the work day...

    There are a few things you can do to improve battery life:

    - Disable 3G when you're not using it (which you already do)
    - Disable wifi when you're not using it.
    - Turn down the display brightness a little bit. Hardly anybody needs it as high as the default, and the display uses lots of power.
    - Turn off push notification, and set fetch to 30 minutes or 1 hour... if you really want max battery life just check email manually.
    - Set auto-lock to 1 minute.
    - Turn off location services... if you use maps then this will automatically be turned back on.

    If you do all that you should get the max life out of your battery.

    The battery on my 3G is starting to get pretty bad... I got my phone on launch day, and after a little more than 6 months, I'd say the battery is down to 70% - 80% capacity. It used to last through the day mostly, now it rarely does, and I have to plugin when I get home from work, or charge in the car. Based on the fact that I charge the phone at least once per day, and some days more, I would estimate that the battery has about 200 - 220 cycles on it.

    I don't know how small cell phone batteries compare to bigger laptop batteries, but the battery on my Thinkpad is 19 months old, has 190 cycles on it, and holds about 65% of it's original charge.

    Does anybody know how dead the battery has to get before Apple will replace it? Or how they measure it?

    EDIT: It shouldn't make any difference whether you charge through the computer or wall charger...
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I thought charging is charging what ever the sorce is...just hoping I guess! I've switched off everything on the list above and turned my brightness down to the min. It's just seems bad, a great phone like this, with lots of features, but yet got to be careful to use them too much.......shame! Was looking around and I see some are upgrading the battery......mmmm not something I really want to do, but sure tempted so I can enjoy the iphone without worrying about battery life. I'm sure if you have to keep charging the phone up everyday.....thats shorten the battery life!!

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