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Thread: So, is the iphone worth purchasing?

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    Default So, is the iphone worth purchasing?
    I do not have an iphone and am trying to read up as much as I can so I can make an informed decision. As a MacAddict, I love the idea of having a phone that works with my computer but I have heard so many neg. comments I wanted to hear from people who actually have an iphone if all the neg. hype was real and if the other parts of the iphone balanced it out making it worth the hassle. I think I am mostly concerned about the sound issues I have heard people having, about phones crashing after new uploads and about the number of people that have had to return their phones for repairs. Any insights would be appreciated.

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    My wife and I have one and we love this phone. I love it for the fact that the interface is damn cool and I can synchronize via iTunes my contacts and calendar information. I like the conversation piece of SMS and getting my email is a plus too.

    My wife likes it for now she is able to have music on her phone; something she wanted with her phone from Verizon but I refused to purchase songs I already had in iTunes. She gets her email now which is a nice plus for communication. And she likes having a real web browser to read news as to the garbage on other phones.

    We both like the weather widget to see what the days temp will be.
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    I think this is the best phone on the market. There are things that could be better, like the negative comments you heard, but it's still the finest phone on the market.

    The way I see it, the negatives are really easy to quantify: "It doesn't do multiple SMS" "you can't select one of your iPod songs as a ringtone" etc etc. But the thing is that the most amazing aspects of this phone are rarely praised, because they are so seemless that they usually go unnoticed!

    I'll give an example. Once I was in the doctor's office, browsing a webpage on an open network the phone automatically found. First off, this is the best internet experience on any phone. Period. Now, while I'm browsing the web, I decide to share a link with my sister. So I hit the share button, and the email client opens with the URL already in it. I type her first name, and her email address autocompletes.

    The phone rings while I'm still composing the email. This means that the email client "shut down" and I see a picture of my sister, because she's calling me. I take the call and tell her I was just about to send her a URL via email. We finish talking, and she hangs up.

    Guess what happens when she hangs up? The email screen comes back exactly where I left off! The cursor was right behind the last word I had written in the email! So I finish it, and shoot the email off to her. I then click the home button and select Safari. Safari opens to the exact web page I was on, and I continue reading.

    What I'm describing is a fully multi-tasking phone and OS that elegantly moves from one app to another. This ain't no Palm Pilot!

    These parts of the user experience go largely unnoticed because they "just work." But after using an iPhone, try using a Treo or Mobile Windows device, and I bet you'll throw them down in disgust.

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    I love my iPhone, I have had it since day one and think that it is so incredible that the 200 extra dollars was worth it. I very highly recommend this as the best phone, best ipod, and best pocket computer available .
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    and you have no problem hearing conversations, ect and what earpiece do you use for hands-free calling (if you use this)?
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    It really doesn't matter what the phone does well and what it doesn't. What you really need to do is figure out what you want to do with it and ask if it does that. For me it consolidated my cel phone, ipod and pda in to one device. On top of that it gave me virtually full time internet access which I use a lot. What I tell people is that if you need to have a computer in your pocket this will be a great device for you. A friend of mine has a nokia that does good video and mms. She uses it for both of those things constantly. Because of that she would not like the iphone. Probably the most important negatives to remember are the lack of 3g and gps. Those are hardware features and almost certainly can't be upgraded after you purchase the phone. Most of the other negatives that people point out are software features. They might be missing now, but who knows what the next firmware update might bring?

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    I highly recommend the Jawbone noise cancelling bluetooth headset. It's available at Apple retail stores, as well as AT&T stores. It's about $129 (or less) and has noise cancelling features that help your caller hear you in noisy environments. If I turn both the jawbone volume all the way up, and the iPhone volume all the way up, I find the jawbone is actually too loud for me. Give it a look!

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    I just have a few words...

    I LOVE my freakin iphone!! And every day things just get better and better with new apps or updates for the ones I have, and also learning to mod one more part of the phone to customize it even more is great!

    on a smaller note, I am an at&t customer (have been with cingular(at&t) for 4 years) and using all features of the phone, everything works great.

    The one big thing I keep hearing is at&t is terrible voice! I've had 0 problems in the 2+ months I've had the iphone, and 0 dropped calls, and also seems that I get the best signal strength from the iphone than any other phone I've had (I've had quiet a few)

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    I will be receiving my iPhone today. Dustin, a friend of mine, has had his for a little while now and he swears by it. Also, some people that I know that work at CompUsa are carrying them and also swear by them. Dustin's is unlocked and he's have absolutely NO issues. Mine will also be unlocked so I'm hoping for the same results. I'm also a macaddict. I think this is worth the purchase.

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