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Thread: Another Iphone topic with unable to join network

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    Default Another Iphone topic with unable to join network
    Hi did someone find a solution for the problem explained in this thread of the official apple support forums? Apple - Support - Discussions - Another Iphone topic with unable to ...

    In there I'm the user named fds5, I have tried everything, I erased and rewrited the baseband several times, reseted network settings and even all settings for about three times, used static dns and router ip's, used the dns from, downgraded, upgraded the firmware many times, etc.

    Nothing works, but there are some tendencies, every time I reload any firmware with itunes while the iphone is in DFU Mode, the wifi works well and at full speed for about 24 hours, after that the connection becomes too faulty, it only connects for about 30 seconds every time I turn on my iphone, then it drops the signal and doesn't want to connect to my network anymore, yes I tried with open security on the router, with different routers, different networks, different settings, the iphone behavior is the same.

    The problem is as described in the apple support forum thread, but apple I believe just washed their hands.

    Ohhh and an important fact, all this happened after an itunes update, not a drop of the phone or a lighting strike..... Help or comments will be much appreciated.

    My Iphone is a 2G, unlocked via QuickPwn
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  2. #2 my only option to acquire an unlimited data plan form my carrier in order to have internet? That would be dissapointing for me and the hundreds of iphone owner that share my problem.

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    Anyone found a solution to this problem?
    Is this hardware or software related?
    If there is a software solution like deleting specific files, bring it on. Data plans cost and I would happily exchange them with my free wi-fi...

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    take a look here

    At the moment there is no solution but there are some theories

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    Default iphone - unable to join the network - Solved
    Solved - Solved -Solved

    I held my iphone touching the antenna of WIFI router, it connected to the router. I was able to use the internet in this position only. Moving away from router's antenna, internet does not works. At leaset now I can do some very urgent works on iphone without GPRS connection.
    I was not able to use my wifi for last six months. Done everything that was already discussed in all the forums.

    [ame=]YouTube - iphone - unable to join the network - Solved[/ame]

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    Today I installed iOS 4.0 on iphone 3G. The wifi is only working the same way (By touching the antenna of my WIFI router). Atleast now I had guts to install new firmware and unlock the iphone through WIFI. In my case now, it's definately a hardware problem.

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