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Thread: I need a good tutorial/guide for QuickPwn-225-2

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    Default I need a good tutorial/guide for QuickPwn-225-2
    I always had mac, now I have to help someone on a PC to jailbreake 3G iPhone on an ATT contract. If anyone please point me to a tutorial/guide that is up to date.

    I have downloaded the QuickPwn-225-2" program. The iPhone is already on 2.2.1 FW. I made a custom FW on my mac and sent it to my friend, put the iPhone in DFU mode, and get 1601 error in iTunes all the time on the pc. Now I have sent my friend out to get an usb hub to have in between to see if that works. Any help on this is much appreciated.

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    How are you getting the error message in Itunes? Has the phone been jailbroken or are you trying to do the "shift+click" with restore?

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    What version of iTunes is he running? I have both PC and mac and have not yet had a chance to upgrade to 2.2.1 yet. I weas out of the country for a week and am only now catching up with mundane things. Havent had time to play with my iPhone much yet.

    I do know that there may be an issue with the version of iTunes he's using. Also if he's running Vista he may have what amoounts to permissions issues.

    I had similar issues upgrading a previous firmware. I had 2 different but identical 2G iPhones on 1.1.4. Upon upgrading to 2.0.1 I had no problems on my XP machine, but the iPhone I was upgrading on my son's Vista setup would not be recognized in DFU mode. I ended up bringing it down and upgrading on my XP machine with no issues.

    By the time the next upgrade came around we had reformatted my sons PC and set up one user account only as administrator. No problems with the process. I hav e found that sometimes when Vista is set up with limited user accounts some programs install fine, other s need ot be installed as administrator. there ends up s hodgepodge of different types of installations and some will install but not work properly.

    I also foound that even on my Mac I had issues with Pwnage custom firmware. I kept trying and eventually it worked.

    Try a regular restore mode also. There is no one answer to this.

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    A little of topic but... Funny, ive never had problems with my vista not recognizing my iphone in DFU mode. However, Windows 7 wouldnt read it in DFU nor would it read my corrupted ipod.

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    Try to delete itunes&device support.Then reinstall it...

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    A while back, when I had jailbroken/unlocked my iphone to 2.2, I tried to just do a custom restore in itunes with that same 2.2 custom firmware I had saved on my computer to do my boyfriend's iphone, and it wouldn't work; I kept getting an error message in itunes. I had to re-build the whole custom firmware from scratch in pwnage with my boyfriend's phone for it to work. You may not be able to just send your friend the custom firmware file and go straight to itunes and hold alt/option + restore. Can your friend try to build the custom firmware himself on his/her own computer and then restore it in itunes? That might work.

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    I did it in the end with quickpwn for windows. All went smooth after a fresh restore with 2.2.1 in Itunes before attempting quickpwn. However I never got rid of the 1601 message using custom FW built in pwnage tool. I did more than 50 iPhones on my mac and there has never been such a problem. The iPhone was recognized in iTunes, but always stopped before starting the install on the iPhone 3G. Maybe it was because she had a legit ATT sim and was already on the latest modem FW. Maybe Apple has some restriction there when using iTunes, cause quickpwn does it all by itself whit out iTunes.

    Hey guys, I appreciate all the feedback and thats why I just love so much. Thanks everyone and have a good iPhone 2009 with the upcoming maybe new iPhone 3 generation with support for quad cores..... Thats going to be just awesome....LOL
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    If you want it, get it, no matter the risk, y only live once, and gadgets are replaceable.....
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