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Thread: SpinBoard Preview - Rotating SpringBoard Icons

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    Default SpinBoard Preview - Rotating SpringBoard Icons
    Rotating SpringBoard Icons.

    A preview of a new hack coming to the iPhone. It allows your icons to rotate when you rotate your iPhone based on your accelerometer.

    Noticed this on youtube, looks kinda cool.
    What do think?

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    its pretty cool it just needs to have the names of the apps rotate as well. its a step in the right direction though for sure. for me i think it would eat up too much memory
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    I think we will have so much crashes with it...

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    thats f'n sick!!!
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    ok its cool but it looks like someone was trying to go for landscape everything like a bb storm. Also something i noticed was that with the calender icon the number doesnt roatate. just the outline.

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    How do I install it now? I think its cool.

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    Yeah i saw that the app names, badges, and the calendar number don't rotate, and that makes it look kinda bad. If they could fix that, it would be pretty cool. But like Cricket said, too much memory use probably.
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    i wouldnt care i still love the concept

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    Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
    i wouldnt care i still love the concept
    I think you would when the phone became virtually unusable because it ran so slow. lol

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    well if it was that bad i would but i dont think it would

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    I have the beta release and my phone runs just fine. Spin stops working when you open an app and you have to respring to get it back, but it's still pretty cool. Landscape Springboard may not be far off

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    there is a beta leak on cydia now, i installed it. runs really well. but sometimes the icons get stuck sideways and have trouble flipping back right side up. It also tends to skip random icons here and there and dosent rotate them. the dock icons do not flip either
    Im going to wait for a real release then this should be pretty sick

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