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Thread: Warranty without Receipt is this possible?

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    Default Warranty without Receipt is this possible?
    i have an iPhone that is a 2Gen unlocked via T Mobile but I am going to put in my brothers sim AT&T sim card and tell them I need to get another phone b/c its not working properly. It has hardware issues. The problem is I purchased it in April but I cant find the receipt. Will that be a problem? Or do u need the receipt. I was going to bring it into the Apple Store. I purchased it from the AT&T store. The messed up thing about the whole situation is that the USB cord is not being recognized therefore I cant relock the phone. My main question thou is can i get warranty work on my phone without the receipt?
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    No receipt needed. They'll know when you got your iPhone and if it's still under Warranty. The AT&T sim card is the one thing you'll need and you have that covered.

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    In Apple's own warranty agreement, it states that warranty is NOT dependent on activation.

    I have brought them iphones without a simcard at all. If they say anything about it.....point them to the actual warranty agreement. I have never had an issue

    Oh, it also helps if you smirk like an a-hole when informing them you know how the warranty works

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    Good to know. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broomhead View Post
    Good to know. Thanks
    Hehe, I have come across a few on ebay that I knew would be warranty covered issues.

    Bring them the phone, goes kinda like this:

    Genius: "Its not coming up in your name....Do you know blah, blah??

    Me: "Never heard of em."

    Genius: "Do you have the simcard with you so we can activate the new phone and check service status?"

    Me: "Nope."

    Genius: "Ok, here's your new phone, it wont be activated until you put your AT&T simcard in it and connect to itunes."

    Me: "I know."

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    I would say you wouldnt need one. I never got one for my 2G when I bought it from Apple, and like they mentioned ^^ your warrantee isnt dependant on activation. Apple said my warantee expired October 2008, when I bought and activated July 2007

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    Walk into Apple without an activated phone and your asking for a confrontation. If you get the wrong employee, they can simply refuse to help you and there is nothing you can do.

    Getting hold of a legitimate sim card is free, easy and will make the whole experience hassle free.

    ALSO, i have no links, but i am more than sure i read that the 3G does indeed have to be activated, whereas the 2G didn't. They changed the agreement.

    Either way, due to how easy it is to get hold of a legitimate sim card and activate the iphone, i would not advise anyone to go into an Apple store unless their iPhone is activated.
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    ^As I agree it depends on the person you get.......

    I have also swapped 7 2g iphones, and 2 3g iphones without a problem.

    Only 1 of the 2g's had a simcard (ATT) in it....and none of the 3g's.

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    Since I have no Apple store near me could I do a warranty exchange at the AT&T store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mumra06 View Post
    Since I have no Apple store near me could I do a warranty exchange at the AT&T store?
    I don't think so. That would be like taking it to walmart for warranty work or exchange.
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    ^Very true.

    However, knowing would probably be better off going to Walmart.

    Cause ATT wont touch it. They have nothing to do with the iphone.

    You can, however, go to and put in a service request....they will mail you a box to mail the phone to them.

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