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Thread: Razm Frazm....

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    Default Razm Frazm....
    I just felt like b!t ch!ng cause i am really jacked right now. It's near 2 am , and for no apparent reason I have to do a recovery because my phone decided to get all f'qud up.

    Just when I get everything working the way I like it. Pretty fonts, sounds and everything, something like this happens.

    So maybe I should point out that I just updated Logome, and I was at the time using mobile finder. Never had a problem with either...

    I haven't a clue as to what happened. i was naming a .png file in a theme so I could use the icon, things got locked up. Screen went black, kinda went "irk", woke my wife up, she laughed at me for bricking, pushed buttons, plugged it in, sniffled a little, and then decided to plug it into my computer. As soon as I did, I got the "installing Apple USB recovery driver" message, and an hour later I get to joyfully install the latest firmware.

    Yippe, Kai, Yea...

    (okay this next part is symbolic way of how I feel)

    :^$#(*&^$&$*%($*(@)#&$&^%^%&#*#()*!@$"?$%"#%"@#?%" ?":@>#%@#%*&!*@#$^&*#&*(!@#*(#%()*&%()*&(@*#$%&*() ^@#%()*&!)(@$*()*!%^)&*#^(%*(&@*)#(%*(&@#*()%&()!@ #&%()**!)(%&*+)@*!#+%(+!#**%&@#*()&%&*)(&()@*#*()% &_)!@*&*()_%)!@#)%&(!+@#_$*&^@!$&%^*$&*)!(@#%*(!@% !?@"%"!>#"%?!(@*&%!&*#&(%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Think what Hagar the Horrible says when the fit hits the shan)

    So yea, I am kinda pissed off right now. Not any one, cause I understand the use at your own risk policy, but because I now have to spend a whole effing day to get this back to the way I like it.

    This is going to be the official cry on a shoulder thread for when things just go wrong.....

    What's worse, is cause I don't exactly do this every day, I now have to remember all the steps that I took, and remember what all I had installed...

    And yes, I had aptbackup, and no it did not work...

    Oh... God... There is little cloud icon thing at the bottom of the screen... It says "email". I want chocomilk back!!! All these icons are ugly:-( and where is bossprefs and backgrounder and 5 icon dock!!!!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaah i feel so plain and ordinary without my modded phone :-(

    Why God why?!? Why did you smite me and allow my phone to crash!!!??? WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!!!!!!!! Now i have to reorganize 5 pages of apps. And for what?!? Some random glitch!?? At least it could have been worthwhile! But no, it had to be somehing stupid...


    Im going to bed >8-(

    Stoopid fone....
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    loooooooooooooool, i know its not funny, but it is funny looooool, i too will curse the day that happens 2 me.

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    It is funny in a way :-)

    To tell the truth i think what happened was when i updated logome i was toying around with the boot logo and tried to change it, but i got impatient before it could flash it properly, and closed out of the program...

    I think thats what did it

    It sort of happened to me before when i started to mod, and it was a similiar incedent.

    Well, it was a learning experience either way.

    *sniff sniff*

    a conclusion...

    Well, it took a couple of hours but my phone is back to it's wonderful modded glory.

    It's times like these that a person can reflect upon the disaster and perhaps see a silver lining in the smoke.

    Had this not happened, I would not have done the much needed house cleaning of getting rid of the obsolete and organize and structure my phone into a much more streamlined fasion.

    Had this not happened, I would still have tons of used space with lots of forgotten useless files and apps.

    So in many cases, this was a good thing! I upgraded my phone from 2.2 to the incredible, 2.2.1 (it's really amazing it is, i'll tell you. How did we ever live with JUST 2.2?)

    I got to clean out all of the junk, and only install the things taht I actually use.

    So all and all i suppose it is a good thing that happened.

    In some strange way...
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    one of the funniest posts i've read!!! LMAO! whyyyyyyy god whyyy!!!!! hahaha
    you just made my day man...glad to hear your got your iphone back to its glorious state..and thanks for the laugh i needed it.

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