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Thread: Keep Screen on when Powered

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    Default Keep Screen on when Powered
    One feature I really liked about my WM device was the fact I could have different power settings for when it was on battery or power.

    Currently on my iPhone as far as I can see you can only set the timeout of the screen once i.e. 5 minutes.

    Is there any sort of App that changes this such that when its powered via USB the screen stays powered on. This would mean that i could keept the phone docked at work and see a list of all my up-coming appointments on the lock screen (via the intelliScreen app)

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    i'd also like this, havent seen anything though. different brighness settings would be nice too (like pda's and laptops have)

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    Set 'Auto-Lock to never...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejawoo View Post
    Set 'Auto-Lock to never...
    I'll try and make it even more obvious what I am looknig for.

    • When on USB/Mains power screen backlight stays on - I want the 5 minutes lock to continue as thats where the appointments are listed in IntelliScreen

    • When on battery power it uses the normal power settings i.e. turns off backlights & locks after X minutes.

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    If you change power settings,it will be same for all situtions.

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    thus me asking if anyone knows of an app which will do what I want

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    No, there is no way to do this.

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    Still amazing to me that there is no app for this. Seems like something so simple. Any laptop vie ever had has these settings. Why not the iPad and iPhone.


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