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Thread: Is it still possible to change your iPhone's theme around?

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    Default Is it still possible to change your iPhone's theme around?
    i havent been able to in a while, but i use to do this with iBrickr. i was wondering if there are any other ways to do this for firmware version 1.1.4 becuase as far as i know, iBrickr cant do this anymore. thanks.

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    What? I don't understand what you are trying to say... You want to change the theme? Then d/l summerboard via installer on your phone and them d/l some themes via installer, or d/l them to your mac/pc and then use WinSCP or the mac variant to copy them over. There are guides on how to do this... Please search next time...
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    summerboard is the way

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    You can still use iBrickr (or iPhoneBrowser ) with 1.1.4 if you install the afc2 service - you can use the ZiPhone iBrickr Fix from repository or do it manually.
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    Nefarious, this is the extent of what i know about summerboard. you can change themes around, and you download the themes through the installer. if i wanted to make a theme, how would i get it on the installer? or is there another way to implement my theme without downloading it in the installer?

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