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Thread: Answer calls with Home button ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rounz View Post
    Its such a good case for the phone though, in my opinion it provides the best protection of the screen. Something I definitely need.

    Not only does it provide the best protection, I think its one of the best looking cases available for it as well.

    I guess its time to post my concerns in the "request an application" section.

    Thanks for all your help
    i'm pretty happy with my sena case + samsung bt
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Default Awesome Idea
    Quote Originally Posted by Wastegate13 View Post
    Your best bet is to invest in a Bluetooth headset for the car. Its safer than holding the phone to your ear anyhow. I never remove my phone from my pocket while in the car.
    This is a great suggestion! I think I will go this route for now.

    Thanks for your insight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stocis View Post
    lifting the phone to your ear when a call is coming in and should auto answer the call, but it doesnt work for u as the light sensor is covered by the skin..

    what i'd suggest is trying the that helps u customize the home button
    Quote Originally Posted by stocis View Post
    bad choice of skin.. maybe someone could make an app for u just for that but i have no knowledge of any other app available that can do as such
    Sorry, after reading this thread I had to join to say something.

    The iSkin Revo does not, in any way block the light sensors that detect your face.

    Do you see the half circle on the case? Did you wonder why there is such a big opening considering the speaker is only a slot?

    It's because at the top of that half circle, is where you will find your infrared sensors. Want to see for yourself? Use any video camera or webcam, make a call on your phone and hold the top of the iPhone in its view. You will see 2 blinking dots. Those are the infrared sensors. Video camera's pick up the infrared light we cannot see. (It's pretty cool, test is with your tv remotes too!)

    I have this case and can assure you it doesn't block those sensors.

    Now, point 2.

    The iPhone does not auto answer calls when you put it to your face. I even took the case off to test this and it doesn't work.

    Do you realize how this would be a horrible feature? If you had a call come in while the phone was in your pocket, it would answer before you could get it out. It's not a "face" sensor, it just detects if something is there or not.

    Does your iPhone really do this?

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    hmmm well you can always shake your iphone to answer it .
    no clicking needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rounz View Post
    This is starting to get very annoying and dangerous, it is something I do not want to be fumbling around with while I am driving and get a phone call.
    you shouldn't be answering a phone while driving in the first place

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