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Thread: iPhone data plan removal.

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    Default iPhone data plan removal.
    Ok, I have looked for a thread with a title that would catch my eye on this and I haven't found a thing. Unfortunately, I just got a paper from work stating that I can get a discount with AT&T if I give them proof that I work where I do. My problem is, when I call AT&T to confirm they tell me that I can't get the discount because I have the "iPhone data plan." My question is this, if I change my plan so that I have a generic data plan meant for phones other than the iPhone, if I put my sim into the iPhone would would I be able to use safari and google maps? If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will let you know.

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    there are many different scenarios:

    1. you'd be able to use any sim card as long as u unlock and jailbreak ur iPhone..
    2. you WONT be able to use any sim card if iTunes considers ur account as a not compatible contract. Another case here is that AT&T may say it works but at the end iTunes may just ignore it
    3. you'd be able to use ur existing sim card if no change has been made to ur contract electronically so that iTunes can see it and disallow smthing..

    now if u mean that u would want to use ur iphone (safari etc) with EDGE and GPRS plans then that'd be a bummer as AT&T would be the only source that can help u with this. i think the obvious that without a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone edge and gprs settings would be locked to AT&T and AT&T only with a specific type of contract.

    hope this helps

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    so if I stay with AT&T, but I don't have the iPhone data plan, iTunes may not "like" my phone? It could just reject it?

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    yep. that is exactly what itunes does . what i'd suggest is to call AT&T and ask for an overview on what u can and can't do. Specifically ask:

    "Would I be able to use my iPhone as before? Or some of the applications may be restricted?"

    and remember: ask for a brief proof or reason for that yes/no you'll get

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