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Thread: For those of you wanting to send MMS...

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    hi, ive tried this method to send a pix message to my verizon phone by trying both the ********** and the **********, but i never received the message so can someone tell me wats rong?

    P.S. im on an unlocked and jailbroken 1.1.2 and im on tmobile

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    TELEFLIP went bye bye

    Teleflip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2008-Aug-12: Teleflip Inc. CEO Tony Davis announced in an email to Teleflip users that "the piggy bank is empty" and that Flipmail will be turned off on August 15, 2008 at 9 a.m, but Flipout will continue to operate.
    2008-Sep-06: The official Teleflip website was non-functional and SMS message delivery failed.

    From another thread..........
    Quote Originally Posted by matt.superman View Post
    Actually i dont mind the lack of MMS support i would just wish that i could go to the at&t website and assign my number to my email then when someone sends me a MMS bam its in my email. that way i get to use my email and not have to worry about remembering the damn code to see the pic.

    Bingo ! That would work perfect for me. Cant they at least format the url so we dont have to manually type in the code number for the viewmymessage site AT&T Wireless ? They could at least make it a one click view. Would it really be that hard? Think how nice it would be to get a text message you simply click a link and it opens in Safari.

    I rarely use MMS, but when I want it I want it. Not all my friends have iphones. • View topic - SwirlyMMS and firmware 2.x...
    (read through about how AT&T blocks MMS traffic, so lame)

    AT&T North America Send/Receive MMS support
    (send MMS option coming soon?)

    It appears that biteSMS (currently installed from Cydia) has an upcoming new feature to "Render incoming MMS messages in the conversation bubbles" That might be good enough for me if it works.

    It also appears that biteSMS is even coming to the official appstore soon as well. Glad it's in Cydia for now


    Upcoming New Features
    -biteSMS for the AppStore (iPhone and iPod Touch)...
    -Display and allow the actioning of embedded contact numbers, email addresses,
    -Browser URLs and Map coordinates within an SMS text.
    -Render incoming MMS messages in the conversation bubbles.

    In the options of biteSMS you can change it to "send through carrier" which doesnt cost anything extra. The default method of sending is via biteSMS (zereo credits) Change it to Carrier and it's free. You can swipe across a text message and forward it to someone else (very slick, close enough to copy and paste for me as far as text goes!)

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