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Thread: iPhone Firmware 2.0

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    Default iPhone Firmware 2.0
    I was just wondering what everyone would like to see on firmware 2.0

    I would personally like to see...
    Video Recorder
    Copy and Paste
    MMS Support
    Wireless Syncing
    AT&T Cellular APPs(CV)
    Speed Dial Icons

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    Video Conferencing. Although it would be kind of wierd with the camera on the opposite side of the screen.
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    haha dream on guys. I'd like to see Video Recording and Copy and Paste for sure.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    There is no way all of those features will be implemented by 2.0, but it would be move to have a real Bluetooth and copy and paste...

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    Video Recording for me.
    Hell, we won't get all these apps at 2, maybe 4.6.2?

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    for fw 2.0 i hope for flash player and pre unlocked-ness cuz thatll mean apple finally gave up and realized they cant keep us out of theyre software

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    yeah deffo flash player.they missed a lot of things that phone nowadays especially with capabilities as iphone should mms,voice recorder,video recorder,3G etc etc which many of other older phones have.they could have put it all in and rock the all phone world for its "just" really cool toy but with all these functions it will be killer machine...

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    I would be satisfied with copy and paste. Wireless syncing would be cool for periodic updates. Sync a couple of songs, ringtones, contacts, ect..

    MMS would be cool too.

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    Video Recording and MMS. That's all I really need.

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    MMS, a REAL bluetooth with stereo support and video the most for me.... How stupid is it that something that is directly connected to YouTube, won't let you make videos for it?

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    We,on the planet of Xendarmia,where Mr. Jobbs Forefather has created the XIPHONE almost 2000 years ago,just have released last week the Firmware upgrade No: although I havent seen it yet,the rumors say that it has a java support and most of the applications you have just mentioned.
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    Real Bluetooth, MMS, Copy & Past, Wireless Syncing, Flash support and I'm all set. Don't care too much about video recording.
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