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Thread: photo ID picture isnt like ads I see

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    Question photo ID picture isnt like ads I see
    Hoping someone can tell me why this is. When I see commercials or even a u tube vid of the iPhone placing a call or recieving a call the caller ID photo associated to the contact is a small icon in the upper right corner of the screen on the phone. With mine, it fills the whole screen when I place or recieve a call. I cant for the life of me find a setting for this. Anyone?

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    mine is full screen too, so is everyone elses I have seen. Think its just the apple ads that show otherwise.

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    Thanks for replying. I thought so too, till I saw this on Gizmodo's site. FastForward to the end of the unlocking video and wala, a small Picture ID icon in the upper right hand corner as this guy tests his unlocked iPhone.

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    If you use the iPhone camera to take a picture, it will show up as full screen. If you use a picture that was synced over from outlook or something, it will show up in the corner.

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    Right on man! Thanks! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was going on. Ill give that a go.

    OK, I moved all the photos on my phone to a directory on my PC than deleted all them from the iPhone than I synced them back to the iPhone and that did not work. I do not use outlook(I use Outlook Express) but would like my ID pics to be small. Is there a way I can do this?
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    They are still taken from the iPhone camera. Try using a picture from your computer.

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    I did and no go. Still a large image shown. Hmm.

    I used a webcam, took different sized pics. When syncing, iTunes converted them to be used on the iPhone. Im wondering, if the pic is originally a thumbnail, if that would work, seeing that iTunes formats photos uploaded to the phone for the best possible viewing by the phone. If its a thumbnail it would distort it if it was enlarged to fit the screen full screen. Maybe than itll keep the photo as is(a thumbnail) and move to the top right. What do you think?
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    It may have to already be set as a contact photo in Outlook to show up how you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I found that if you add a photo to a contact in address book (MAC) then sync contacts you get the small pic in the upper right hand corner. If you have the photo on the phone and then set to contact you get the bigger pic.
    This works in Outlook. Add the photo to Outlook first, then sync the phone. If there is already a picture there from the iPhone, right click and delete it. It will show full screen if you don't.

    As for me, I found that 300px x 300px works good. If the photo you use is off-square, it will come out distored in the small box.

    Happy modding!!

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