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Thread: 16gb iPHONE

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    awesome, now all I need is a volunteer iphone....

    ...anyone? lmao

    Seriously though I agree that mostly all I am mad about from the entire september 5th event is that now when I want to get an iphone with greater memory, I will get a lot less for my 8gb, which hardly will help offset the cost of the newer one.

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    people its flash there is no harddrive....

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    Default flash, hard drive, memory....
    does it really matter? we all know what the other is talking about. its where the files are located. does it truly matter what we call it? i think from now on i will refer to them as floppy drives in my iphone. just to spite all of those of you who feel so self righteous that you have to correct anyone that doesnt use the terminology you wish they had used.

    i mean seriously guys leave them alone, they have an excellent idea here, they really do. if it can be done, i dont know. but it shows someone is thinking and could very well give us an eye opener to truly fully understand the workings of the iphone. I.E. if they decide to do it, and get the 16gb "Floppy Drive" into their iphone but the iphone doesnt recognize it as more than 8gb, then that would tell us there is as someone stated earlier. "bios-like issues" if the firmware resides on a different portion of the phone than you could theoretically place a brand new empty "Floppy Drive" into the iphone and flash using the restore method through itunes right?

    If this can be done than that would be awesome.

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    theres no room inside the iphone for 16gb
    the ipod touch is only 16gb because it has TWO separate flash drives.
    the only way you can get a 16gb iphone is if you find a 16gb drive that is compatible, which probably doesn't exist yet..
    since apple uses two separate 8gbs drives in the ipod touch

    ive seen this somewhere already,
    im not really down to "confirm" this one though. hahah

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    if u have balls.....i say go for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boosty View Post
    You must not be familiar with Moore's Law
    Or Murphy's
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    Hmm... That would take some serious kahonas! lol. As far as the '80GB iPhone', the reason is obvious: memory MSRP depreciates rapidly. I'd love to see an 80GB iPhone, not too mention it would most likely have a s*it ton of apps!

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    Logically, not going to work. Ever seen an iPhone compared SIDE-BY-SIDE to an iTouch?? Enjoy trying.
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    I definately think that a 16GB is around the corner but I don't think it will be right after christmas. I think if apple had something up their sleeve they would have announced something already so people could pre-purchase something even if they wouldn't recieve it until after the holidays. I just saw on Bloomberg this morning that an average american retailer makes 43% of their yearly earnings between November 15th and New Years, so for Apple to not announce anything yet and allow people to get them as gifts leads me to believe that they either don't have anything built yet, or are planning something else. Remember, they have to build it first and then test, test, and test some more. So if there currently isn't anything on the market as far as 16GB chips that would fit, we would have to wait awhile.

    Oh and I believe the general rule in the past was that memory doubled about every 100 days, not every year.

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    I read on another website A few weeks ago some guy had the same idea,

    but after disassembling both units he found that the memory was two different types.

    I cant remember which is which but, one has two chips and one has one chip.

    Don't quote me on that I am just telling you what I read in his blog.

    and no I cannot rember the website

    soryy if this bursts your bubble
    I have screwed up enough Motorola V series phones
    I guess I will give the ol' iphone a try

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    there is a thread on THIS SITE that has pictures of the insides of both phones.

    It will not work, the ipod has two 8GB chips that are a completely different size than then 8GB iphone chip.

    But maybe somewhere out there, some company like samsung or something that makes a larger storage chip the same size as the chip in the iphone!!!!

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