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Thread: New Ringtone Maker via iTunes

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    Default New Ringtone Maker via iTunes
    Will release today. says Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc.

    Get it while its HOT!

    each ringtone will cost $.99 and will easily sync with iPhone.

    more info or

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    Hmm who needs that now? and why give them every single penny I'm working for? Rediculous as if the phone itself and every restriction it has w/o paying to look at it alone is not enough?

    By the time they open the phone up (to what should be free) the rest of us will have the phone we dreamed of, what a shaft it was to buy this phone and see we could not install one single app on it that "we want and need!" untillllll they think it time to throw us a bone here and there "and" for a fee each and every time!

    If this stupid phone was not sooo sexy I would have saved my money and stuck w/ my ppc! but you have to admit the phone blows everything else out of the water on the sexy meter! *sigh*
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    It's a legal issue, the music companies previously had specific language in their agreements preventing purchased songs from being used as ringtones. Obviously new contracts are in place that have worked around this. Not all purchased songs are eligible to be ringtones, I'm sure that contracts are still being worked on for those tunes.

    What isn't clear is if ringtones can be made from other songs in your library, that were not purchased through the store, and obviously not subject to the same restrictions, and if iTunes can handle other ringtones that folks may already have created.

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