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Thread: SMS Popup Notification Error...

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    Default SMS Popup Notification Error...
    I've read this in one post before that somebody else was having that trouble, which is that if i get an SMS while using the phone, a popup comes up (similar to following picture)

    but when i press ignore, it makes the message read... it gets really annoying so is there any way to fix that?

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    im sooooo glad to see that someone else is having this same problem >.

    I know what you mean .. its like it marks it read and doesnt show the badge saying that you have "1" message waiting to be read... sucks ..

    also another side effect that i got .. My vibration function is gone ..

    and before anyone come in here saying to restore and so on... Ive done that many times to get things back and nothing .. also tried many "fixs" and nothing works .. im starting to think that ziphone currupted something ..

    I even tried downgrading my BB and then back up again ...

    im a 1.1.1 otb

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    brokentwice and sry bout the virbation...
    but i think that this issue is definitely software... anyway, for the vibration, hae u tried reset all settings?
    thats wat i read sumwere, mayb it works...

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    I hear you on that one.. def software.. unless this is something that they "added" in 1.1.3-1.1.4 (1.1.4 here)

    its annoying as hell cause you get messages and im used to be able to hit ignore and then goto the sms app to read the messages... but now when I hit ignore it just marks the message as read.

    I was looking around in the sms.db and it seems to have some lines in there that were not there in 1.1.2.

    Something aabout "trigger--- if read ...blah blah"

    so I wonder if something is currupt ...

    Ive restored and also tried to restore the BB and so on.. stll nothing ...

    can I ask.... did you use ziphone ??

    I just wanted to give this thread a bump heh ..

    I really dont want to have to restore again and see what happens .. all is working fine on 1.1.4.. just this dam problem haha .

    Ive learned to live with the no vibration haha
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    1.1.3 here, and yes i used ziphone... but i doubt that itll be this, because i used ziphone before and it worked, then i restored and did again (upgraded) and it doesnt work...

    not a big problem, just reallly annoyin...

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    im starting to just live with it.. from what i understand i guess they changed teh way that sms is handled in 1.1.4.

    But the one thing im trying hard to work out . is Why My sms seems so glitchy.. sometimes I get teh message and others times i dont .. just overall teh way that SMS is handled in 1.1.4 is crappy...

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