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Thread: [PROBLEM] Dialer 1.1.3 exits on recents

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    Default [PROBLEM] Dialer 1.1.3 exits on recents

    after I upgraded my 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 with Zipone 2.4 I encountered problem with Dialer. I can not enter into any record of Recents, after pushing right arrow (>), Dialer just exits into SB...

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    I will appreciate some advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Damn, same things happened to me when I did the OTB 1.1.2 by using the Ziphone 2.4.
    After many attempt, I found out the problem to solve this issue, please see below:
    This method I just copied from Ziphone 2.4 Help Menu:
    B) Full Hardware DFU (required for downgrades):
    Note that using a cable instead of the dock may make it easier to press
    buttons in the following steps without losing the connection.

    1) Start iTunes and plug the phone in.
    2) With the phone powered on, hold both the POWER and HOME buttons for
    seven seconds. The screen should turn black.
    3) Wait two seconds while the screen is black and release the POWER button
    while still holding the HOME button.
    4) The screen will remain black, but after a few more seconds iTunes will
    detect the phone in recovery mode.
    5) Release the HOME button and proceed to restore firmware with iTunes.

    Timing is fairly important on this. If your phone reboots or ends up in
    recovery mode, just try again. You might want to look at a clock that shows
    seconds while you do this. The timing needs to be exact for it to work.

    If you enter this mode by mistake, hold the HOME and POWER buttons for
    seven seconds until you see the Apple logo and immediately release both
    buttons. The phone should reboot normally, assuming a valid firmware image
    is present on the phone.

    Then, Go to iTunes, Click Shift + Restore.
    Choose your File for Firmware 1.1.3
    Once it is finished you are Locked again.

    Run Ziphone 2.4 again (click downgrade BL 3.9)
    Things will work fine again.
    I believe this is due to the Baseband not really match with the firmware 113.
    Means, if your Firmware is 113 your baseband should be 04.03.13_G (if you have other baseband such as 04.04.05_G, it will act funny when everytime you go to the Dial Key pad, it will flash you back to the Spring Board).

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    I also believe that there is an app in installer for this.

    I just checked installer, and there is a dowload for this. Its called appsupport .... Then something else LOL I can't remember right now. Its still early where I'm at. Anways, they have a version of the app for firmwares 1.1.2 , 1.1.3 , and 1.1.4 good luck
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