Hope someone can help. I upgraded unlocked/jailbroken 1.1.2 (original 1.1.1) to 1.1.3 yesterday using ZIPhone (narrowly avoiding a 1.1.4 upgrade by using shift-click and selecting the downloaded 1.1.3 firmware).

All well, but when I plugged into iTunes, it asked if I wanted to restore from my backed up iPhone (i.e. the same one pre-upgrade) or to create a new profile. I clicked restore....then panicked, what if this restored to 1.1.4? So, with no cancel available, I unplugged the iPhone and had to ctl-alt-del itunes. I plugged back in and found that there was around 4.5gb showing as "other" in the "Capacity" - this was obviously my old profile on the iPhone, but it had lost the link (and the iPhone appeared empty). After an attempted sync, it didn't clear this down, so told me I couldn't sync as I didn't have enough capacity.

I got brave, and used winscp to see if I could hunt down and clear the offending files. I found and deleted the media (songs, videos, etc), but this still left me with nearly 1GB of content - I presume that this is photos, contacts, etc.

The loss of 1GB is not a complete disasted, but it would be good if I could find a way to get down to what appears to be the accepted 300MB or so of "other".

Any help much appreciated.

(PS - tried BossTool to clear down, but iPod Wiper doesn't seem to work at all for me, let alone clear the offending data).