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    My phone is stuck in an IntelliLoop because IntelliScreen likes IntelliFreezing my IntelliPhone. (My phone keeps freezing on the lock screen and resprings every minute for about three minutes, then just dims the screen.) I just want it off. Now. I want IntelliScreen to go away. But I'm not willing to restore my phone because it's too much hell to go through and there has to be some way to at least get SSH running so I can go in and delete it.

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    have you tried contacting the developer or post in the intelliscreen thread? he's constantly there and will see your problem and be able to help and guide you in the right direction

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    You are feeling my pain....that intelliscreen was nothing but problem every time I have tried it on the 2.+ move I made was staying away from it!

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    I just restored and pwn'd my 3g 2.1 this week and I've been running Intelliscreen all week with no problems. Knock on wood. I have had terrible problems with IS and 2.0 when I was messing around installing Winterboard and 5icon. Some people say Winterboard and 5icon and IS clash, others say no....but I'm staying with IS alone. It is too important for me to have my data on the lock screen.

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