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Thread: Slider not working, while receiving calls.

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    Default Slider not working, while receiving calls.
    Hi Folks,

    I keep missing phone calls because it won't slide to unlock.
    by the time it slides I have missed the phone call.

    Need ur advice.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am having the same problem...this is very annoying I am ready to give up my iphone because I keep missing calls. Any advice!

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    me too, it seems to only happen when I try and answer too quickly, let me know if you figure it out ppl. Oh and I'm running 2.1

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    I have this problem also. This is definitely a firmware 2.1 bug. They fix one problem, create another and so on and so forth. I guess this is the small price we have to pay for being fortunate enough to own such an advanced piece of technology...

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    just restore and update
    dnt even backup or quickpwn

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    Hi Minawagdi,
    Iam using firmware 1.1.4, for unlocking iam using ziphone....
    If I restore tro Itunes will my contacts, datas like songs and mainly app will be erased???
    And once restored how to update for 1.1.4 Version..

    Pls advise...

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had this problem also I found that pushing the volume button (on the side) actually answers the call!! Weird I know! To fix the problem (from apple csr) delete the contact from phone and your computer. Then manually add it back. And it should work.

    That worked for me!
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    I don't think it is 2.1 because I am running 1.1.4 and having that problem with the slide to unlock...what if it is not one of your contacts calling their is no number to delete and add back....any other ideas out there??

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    Even Iam using 1.1.4, the problem is not only for the contacts which I have added in the phone, for the unknown numbers also.....I heard that this may happen bcoz of jailbreaking software also...I used ziphone to jailbreak it.....TANA hav u used the same.....

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    I brought my phone unlocked/jailbroke.... I know a few people who have the same problem and there phone is not unlock

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    Default Multiple issues and symptoms for the same problem with slider.
    The problem: In some cases when you get a call or try to "wake" your iphone, the iphone will not work due to the slider freezing.

    Situation #1:
    Unable to slide to wake the phone. In this case hit the power button (top right next to sim chip bay) quickly three times. All functions and slider should work properly for a short time but not always. In fact, after locking the phone again the problem may arise.

    Situation #2:
    Unable to slide to answer a call. In this case you will need to try other buttons on the iphone. In some cases the volume button or the power button. Just realize when you hit the power button or the home button the call may be cancelled and you will not be able to answer the call. Ultimately, you can call them back. Weird situation is that if you use the headset or bluetooth headset you can bypass this issue by initiating the call with headset device.

    The issue is a combination of software and hardware. Apple will just tell you to reboot (hard and soft) the device. If it still occurs you may have a dead digitizer screen ($100 to $200 replacement).

    This is clearly bogus and one way to resolve the issue. Since the screen works fine in most other scenarios and works with other applications just fine. The combination of software and hardware make it almost impossible to resolve unless you replace literally the hardware with a new digitizer screen. The software be it firmware or other applications you use are only symptoms or applications showing symptoms of this problem.

    Try to use the iphone with the flaw unless you are going to replace out the digitizer screen, which I would not recommend doing unless you have a 3G iphone (much easier). On a 1Gen or 2Gen iphone it is very difficult to do this as a "do-it-yourself" project. You may want to take it into a repair shop but at that point it is almost buying a new iphone for $199 with a renewal for two years.

    So you can get around the problem by using a headset with an answer button or a bluetooth headset to get around the Situation #2 for answering calls.

    For Situation #1, try using the 3 quick presses on the power button to get the slider to work. Not a complete solution but better than buying a new iphone.

    I hope this helps. Until someone can actually get into the OS software and make the necessary changes to enhance the fault tolerance for the slider bug this is a simple workaround.

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    Good info, but you may have not noticed this thread is a year old.

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