I'm using a Jailbroken, 3G iPhone running the 2.1 update and I'm having issues staying logged in to websites.

I've never had this issue before (even using a Jailbroken iPhone for the past two months) and just came to realize it about a day ago. I tried to logged into Digg.com and it was fine, but when I went to digg a story, or move to another page on Digg it said I was no longer signed in. Similarly, I went to use my.Traffic.com today to view "My Drives" and it allowed me to initially log in, but when I went to click on a "Drive", I was prompted to sign in again. Pretty much a never ending cycle.

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong, and where. I tried to clear all cookies/history/cache, and JS is enabled. I restarted the browser and iPhone numerous times with no avail. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or can think of a possible fix?

Thanks in advance!!

**Note, in case it makes and difference, below is a list of Jailbroken apps I'm currently using: