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Thread: I Have Some iPhone 3G Questions. Please Respond.

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    Default I Have Some iPhone 3G Questions. Please Respond.
    I'm thinking about getting an iPhone 3G for Christmas, but I don't want to pay $70 a month.

    1. How much is the cancelation fee, and what is the difference between canceling before or after 30 days?
    2. If I buy a 3G on eBay and it is "unlockable" , does that mean it was already canceled and I just have to put a pay as you go SIM card in it?
    3. Even with a prepaid data card, will it perform just as well as it would with the real iPhone plan?
    4. What would it all add up to, if I bought an 8gb iPhone, canceled the contract, and used a PAYG SIM card? (not including minutes/data yet)
    5. How much do prepaid minutes and data cost?
    6. Should I just wait until unlocking software comes out?

    Thank you if you answer these questions. If there is something easier than this that I don't know about, to unlock an iPhone or something, please tell me.
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    1. The cancellation fee for AT&T on the iPhone is the difference of the actual cost of the iPhone. Keep in mind that the cost of the iPhone is 599(8GB) and 699(16GB) so if you get the 8GB and you pay 199 you will have to pay about 400 dollars give or take.

    2. As of right now the 3G iPhone is no "unlockable" for someone like T-Mobile. T-Mobile actually just starting their 3G network, but it is still unknown if the phone will work on their 3G network. In the US there are no other GSM companies that I know of. You also cannot use the iPhone 3G as a pay as you go phone. AT&T will not allow it.
    3.What are you talking about prepaid data card? There is only one iPhone data plan and its 30 dollars from AT&T.
    4. I said how much it would be if you got the phone and canceled the contract. As of right now there is no way to use a pay as you go sim card from anywhere. This may change in the future but as of right now its not possible.
    5. Again, not possible.
    6. Yes you should wait for unlocking software to come out for the 3G and see what people think of it. Or what you can do is look for someones iPhone 2G and use it pay as you go with AT&T or unlock it to work with another company.

    Any other questions just ask.

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