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Thread: If you are having trouble connecting with SSH read this:

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    Default If you are having trouble connecting with SSH read this:
    It seems that a number of folks are having some issues connecting with SSH despite doing everything correctly. You are not imagining things, I have been experiencing this issue as well, seemingly out of the blue. Along with this problem comes a significant increase in dropped calls, no signal on both 3G and Edge.
    I had blamed this on location as I first noticed this on a trip out of town. Did not notice the SSH issues until I got home and wanted to start backing files up before restoring.

    I did find a workaround:
    Reinstall OpenSSL via Cydia, then toggle airplane mode off. Reboot phone, toggle airplane mode on. YOu will now be able to SSH.

    However, after restoring and installing my apps the problem reoccurred, again was fixed with the above workaround. But then my phone worked flawlessly including a much better than ever and stable signal. Until today.

    Happened again of course at a very inopportune time as I left someone hanging at the airport and it was impossible to communicate well.

    At any rate, I have noticed a few connections (no pun intended) between the two incidents.

    Just before leaving for the airport today I installed the Cydia updates, an update to Categories and an update to AIM.

    The other day I know i had installed an update at least to Categories but do not recall if there was a Cydia update or not, but I also updated a couple of web apps.

    It follows that after restoring and reinstalling all apps, that the above items were involved.

    So my question to all of you is how many of you have Categories or have noticed the above correlations.?

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    hi im having a prpblem with open shh each time i download it form cydia, it does not show the icon on my ipod, thus making it impossible to ssh. Help any one

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    ^^ no icon for openssh, it runs in the background

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