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Thread: iphone flickering & resetting randomly

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    Default iphone flickering & resetting randomly
    My girlfriend is having problems with her iPhone.

    The iPhone is unlocked and jailbroken. I used ZiPhone to do all of this. it was originally 1.1.2 (i think) and then i updated it to 1.1.3, and that is the current firmware.

    The first is that the screen flickers a lot of the time when in use. When it flickers the screen goes white with multicoloured lines going across vertically and horizontally. It will stay there until i push the screen randomly again. Ive found a way to make it stop flickering momentarily but it just keeps coming back. The phone is still useable as when it is not flickering everything works fine. The screen hasnt leaked or cracked or anything like that and is perfectly normal when not in flickering mode. To me it seems like something is loose inside or something ike that.

    Secondly, and i dont know if this is related to the first problem, the phone resets itself. i dont know if im using the correct terminology so i will describe what happens.

    one one occasion, the phone went into flicker mode so she tried to stop it flickering by randomlly pushing parts of the screen, and then the screen went black, then a couple seconds later the apple logo came up, followed by the itunes logo with the plug underneath it.

    on another occasion she woke up to find the itunes logo with the plug.

    Everytime this happens the only way to get the phone working again is to use itunes to restore it, and then ZiPhone to unlock and jailbreak it.

    Can anybody help me with the problems?

    The phone is from the US and we are living in the UK. Also the phone was custom coloured by colorwarepc so i think that the apple warranty was voided when they opened it to do the colour job. She got the phone lat year around jan/feb and the problems started in may.

    i just installed 1.1.4 to see if this would solve the problem. the screen is still flickering, and it hasnt reset so far, but it resets randomly so it could be days to weeks.

    Any advice is welcome

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    install 2.0 or 2.1 and see if it helps, and try not restoring from back up just set a new phone but make sure u backup ur contacts somewhere (google, or windows addressbook) but u will lose texts and pictures i think there is a way to back them up also but i never really cared so i never tried it
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    ok i managed to get winpwn sorted but the screen i still flickering.

    i really do think it is a hardware issue.

    can anybody suggest what i should do?

    im not sure what my warranty situation i after having it coloured with ColorWare

    does anybody know this?



    please help
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    Definitely sounds like a hardware issue. You could buy a new screen and try installing it but that's a lot of work and easy to screw up. You are better off selling it and starting over with a new one.

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    if i sell it, do i say its faulty?

    what about getting it repaired by a technician or something?

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    I have the very same problem, I've tried everything i know or read about and even upgraded to 2.0 but it still doesn't work and the screen is flickering randomly.
    I wish somebody know the fix or a technician who can repair it.
    Iphone 1G 2.0.2 firmware Winpwn 2.5.

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    bump for both of us

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    still need help with the issue. the phone hasnt reset for since listing this problem but the flickering still occurs.

    flickering happens randomly even when it is not being touched.

    does anybody know if ill need to have my lcd replaced or just repaired? it seems like something is loose or theres pressure against something.

    the flicker can be resolved temporarily if i push the top right hand side of the screen or the black button on the top right of the phone.

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