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Thread: Hidden changes in 2.1 (small or big)

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    I dont know if it is just youre custom carrier logo, but the the new icons seem to be floating on the status bar...

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    When updating apps from the phone they go back to their original spots when they are done installing...

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    So no turn by turn GPS....just more fixes. Apple aint very good at listening to there consumers. I love my phone, But i think apple f'ed up bad by rushing a new iphone out that isn't any better then the first one. Besides 3g i'll add, GPS = GET PISSED i got SCREWED....LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by stlcaddie View Post
    So no turn by turn GPS....just more fixes. Apple aint very good at listening to there consumers.
    This seems to be escaping you at the moment so I'll throw it out there.... Apple has been hearing people gripe and complain about laggy keyboards, crashing this and that, slow this and that every since they released 2.0. You cannot move forward unless you fix what's broken right NOW. Apple has done that today with obvious work towards fixing what's already screwed up so they CAN move forward.

    Good for apple not pushing more crap out before fixing things and making them right FIRST.

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    one1, I'll second that. Let's get all the bugs sorted then improve the functinality.

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    Default Yup
    Quote Originally Posted by Real_Iphonecrazy View Post
    one1, I'll second that. Let's get all the bugs sorted then improve the functinality.
    Exactly, otherwise you end up with a device that's a jack of all trades, master of non-- reminiscent of a shotty unstable WM6 device.

    I'll take a stable foundation first....then we can start stacking new features in.
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    I have a question. What does it mean by this "Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages"

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    In the iPod section, the songs seem to be in a bigger font although I can't find the genius playlist. Also, stocks now has the Dow/Nasdaq/S&P with the actual names, not the cryptic names. Also, in the App Store, downloads is gone, but now the filesize is there.

    Can someone point me to where I can do the genius playlist on my phone? It's not in the middle like the iPod Touch...

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    on my iphone i have to go to the playlist button and it should be right there. havent tried the the middle button when im in a song.

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    Well I had no genius playlist after upgrading my phone, but I just sync'd my phone and it magically appeared...

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    Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
    probably more of an itunes 8 feature, but ive only just noticed it.

    if you open remote on the iphone and select all songs, and then shuffle it creates a "Remote" playlist as opposed to just shuffling through your library like it did before.
    It did this on iTunes 7 with 2.0 phones too

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    Quote Originally Posted by luiz View Post
    I'll start...

    Many bug fixes (DUH!)

    iPod songs have artist name under them

    When you update an application, it will go to the original place after done updating... This has annoyed me sooo much before (thanks texags08!)

    They changed the 3G and edge and gprs icons

    They now added an "apps" section in iTunes (notice that this needs fw 2.1 and iTunes 8)
    Thanks for the post! I gotta say though that I am jealous of your Carrier selection choice. I don't have it on my U.S. phone

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    im on a 1st gen iphone.....i didnt upgrade to 2.1 yet im on question is there any changes in any of the .artwork files? other.artwork or the keyboard artwork files?......are winterboard and all the UIImages still the same for this firmware?....will all my artwork mods and keyboard mods still work if i upgrade?
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    I don't understand why Apple just don't use a "G" for GPRS instead of that really really ugly dot or display nothing when GPRS is only available, just the carrier name and nothing next to it except the signal bars.

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    I had to go back and look at what you were talking about. I've never noticed the dot on my iPhone before. And with the amount of stupidity going around, I figure Apple didn't want to use a "G" so that certain people wouldn't freak and be all "OMGzzzzz where'd my 3 go on my "3G!?!?!?!?!"
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    I agree i would love that .. everyones elses phones around me do! But not the smart iphone.!! DAH!!

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    I have WAY better signal all around wifi and phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    Can someone point me to where I can do the genius playlist on my phone? It's not in the middle like the iPod Touch...

    Make sure the "manage music and folders manually" box is not checked in itunes. Resync and it should show up inder the playlist menu of the ipod button.

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    I noticed that the phone doesn't have to be on your ear for it to start ringing when dialing out.

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    manage music and folders manually is better i dont understand who likes to sync music

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