hey all , This has happened to me before, i plug my iPhone 3G [running jailbroken FW2.0] into my PC, open it in itunes, and it starts Synching my apps. and well on accident when i stood up i tripped on the cord, unplugging it from my pc, so now half of my apps dont laugh, i open them, and a few seconds later before they launch it goes back to the spring board, ive gone through WinSCP and checked cydia, as cydia is of most concern, and its set as 0755 and i cant figure out why it wont work!. Please help i cannot re-restore/jailbreak my phone as i have wayyy to much contacts and what not on here and apps, and quite frankly im rushed off my feet, i dont have the time at the moment, So how can i reinstall Cydia, or fix it? i have Installer 4.0. which is now giving me the Root:Wheel error, which it never has before. i tryed finding BossPref's on there to set up all the permissions, as i thought maybe cydia was having permission problems for some stupid reason, but i cant find it on Installer 4. Where can i get Cydia again or yeah or fix it? all help GREATLY aprecciated!