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Thread: Best stable firmware version

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    Default Best stable firmware version
    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I am at trouble choosing a firmware version for my iPhone.

    Somewhere I read that 2.0.1 is the best, somewhere 2.0.2, and somewhere 1.1.4. The thing is that I've read about instability issues for the 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 (jailbroken, as well as regularly activated). Not so much about the 1.1.4, but nonetheless, I believe that 2.0.0 is better than 1.1.4 in options (if not in speed).

    Could you please share your knowledge on this one? And please, if you tried only 1 firmware version, write why you think that one is good/bad, do not make comparisons between different versions if you haven't tried them all.

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    There are numerous threads on this. Start learning how to search.

    It's all user-preference. I prefer 2.0.2 because I like having something that is up to date with newest features, and it's still pwnable, and works perfect.

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    I know how to search, and I've been searching, but neither google nor this site wields any significant results. I didn't find any similar thread to this one (maybe because keywords feature forbids using the keyword 'best' although it is crucial for this type of thread). That's why I created it.

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    That is because there is no right answer. It is user preference. But if you are looking for an opinion, I prefer 1.1.4 on a 2G phone becasue it is the most stable and all the apps I need are available on Cydia/Installer. For a 3G probably 2.0.2 as far as getting rid of any GUI lagginess.

    Update: 2.1 on the 3G because of signal issues on earlier firmwares.
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    before im hesitated to upgrade my 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 but after reading some info from some other site like, i decided to upgrade using winpwn. NOW IM SO MUCH SATISFIED. dont worry , a lot of freeapp from appstore. then just search from other site how to crack appstore on purchasing ;-) but not to discusssed here
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    I have both 1.1.4 and 2.0.1 and they are both stable because they were both done correctly. The 2.x apps may be more advanced and polished, but there are a lot of things about 1.1.4 that keep me using the 1.1.4 phone more for playing around.

    In a perfect world I'd have the earliest FW and the latest FW and if it weren't for iPhysics and a few others I'd downgrade my 1.1.4 phone to 1.0.2 which is my favorite of all the FW's due to it's lack of restrictions. Back in the day we thought it was a locked FW, but after the advancements of springboard lockdown and other apple induced features in later FW, we now realize 1.0.2 was as open as a field.

    I'd love to see the dev's follow the PSP trend and build a custom ISPW off of 1.0.2 "M33 style".

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    So, no consensus, eh?
    I've been reading these days that 2.1 made things a lot more smoother and stable on the iPhone (don't know if this addresses iPhone 3G only or both 3G and 2G).
    Can anyone confirm this and explain why (in their opinion)?

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    2.1 man, hands down.
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    Same here 2.1. The whole interface is faster for me now. Not that it was bad before, but I notice a significant difference. has the most current bug fixes and features packed into it.

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    everyone different....everyone looks for different things in the da ifone but i like the 1.1.4 and were bugy

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    I probly had the least problems with 1.14 but 2.1 seems pretty stable so far

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