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Thread: Spoken Numbers On Dial Pad

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    Default Spoken Numbers On Dial Pad
    Well I succeded in replacing all the touch tones on the dial pad with spoken numbers.
    It's cool.

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    wanna tell us how you did it?
    what folder are they in?

    edit: I got my custom dialer sounds working but now if I try to change any sounds using customize it crashes back to the springboard. Can you help?
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    Default How I got Spoken Numbers for my iPhone dialpad
    I used ibrikr and went to the System/Library/Audio/UISounds folder and replaced the dtmf-0.caf through the dtmf-star.caf files.

    Here is how I got the spoken numbers files:
    I went to and typed in zero and then clicked download and right clicked on the audio file and saved it to a folder I called Speak Dialpad. I done this for the zero,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine, pound, and star.
    These are all .wav files and have to be converted to .caf

    And here is how I done that:
    They're more than one way but the easiest I found was with cool edit pro2.1 You can download this from
    But if have never downloaded from there you will have to first download BitLord. (It's a torrent file downloader).
    After you get cool edit pro 2.1 open your .wav file and you will have to amplify it to make it loud enough for your iphone. To do this go to the Effects-Amplitude-Amplify tab. And then go to Effects-Filters and use a egualizer to get the right sound you want (You just have to keep messing around with it).
    After you get the sound the way you want it, go to the File-Save As and save it as a .aif file (It's will say Apple Aiff {*.aif;*.snd} you will have to overright the .wav file with the .aif file (Then go to the folder you save it in and rename the file to dtmf-0.caf). Do the same with all the others (dtmf-1.caf, dtmf-2.caf, all the way to dtmf-star.caf).

    After you do all of that go back to ibrikr and replace those file I spoke of earlier with the ones you just created and restart you phone and that's it.

    It seems like a lot of work but it isn't to bad and it is well worth it.

    Thank You,

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