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Thread: Iphone Not Recognised By Itunes

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    Default Iphone Not Recognised By Itunes
    Itunes does not recognize my Iphone on both my laptop and my desktop.
    When Iphone connects to Itunes, both the computer and the Iphone make a recognition sound.

    My Iphone is visible in Universal Serial Bus controllers as Apple Iphone

    I am using the following Iphone driver: usbaapl.sys (version 1,25,0,0)
    I updated Itunes to version
    I tried different usb ports.

    I have tried the following solution (and similar ones) but nothing worked:
    SOLUTION - first attach iPhone & make sure XP instance "sees it" and is connected to it.
    1. Click Start
    2. Right-click on "My Computer" icon
    3. Select "Manage"
    4. Click "plus" sign next to "Services and Applications"
    5. Click "Service" from that dropdown
    6. Click on Service named "Apple Mobile Device" and select "Restart"
    7. Click on Service named "iPod Service" and select "Restart"

    iTunes should start up & recognize device at this time. Next you will have to step through the sync steps to get your data merged properly.

    1. Can anyone help me out?

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    Same problem here. Followed every step and nothing and itune still cannot recognize iphone. This happened after I used iphonebrowser

    Same problem here. Is it because of Iphonebrowser?
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    Hey, have been up half the night with the same resolution as yet
    I have restored twice...with and without Ziphone ibrickr fix.
    Both times, after EVERYTHING was reinstalled, iTunes eventually ends up not recognizing
    my iPhone.
    Seems to happens just after all of my songs are synced....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

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    OK. I had the same problem when upgrading to 1.1.4. iTunes would not recognize my iPhone. Finally after several attempts I unplugged the phone then plugged it back in and it recognized just fine. Not sure what I did other than initiate the connection again (several times actually )

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    Are you guys using the syncing docK? If so, try this:

    Quoted From Another Forum:

    "'re right. Just unplug the stupid syncing dock and plug the cord directly into the iPhone and it works fine now. No more (0xE8000013 or 0xE8000001) errors."

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    Same problem here, and I am not using the dock. Anyone can help?

    Nevermind, just restored it, and unlocked again with ZiPhone. Everything back to normal.
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    So I restored the phone and forgot to back up my contacts, crap. Now cannot seem to download BSD subsystem and it keeps hanging.

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    Me 2

    Re: iTunes won't recognize iPhone
    Posted: Jun 6, 2008 11:04 PM in response to: KSN380
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    1. Turn off all antivirus and firewalls when freshly installing iTunes.

    2. Open up device manager.

    3. Right click "Apple iPhone".

    4. Click "Update Driver Sofware".

    5. Click "Browse my computer for driver sofware. Locate and install driver software manually."

    6. Click "Browse".

    7. Navigate to "windows/system32/driverstore/usbaapl.sys" (it took me two days of searching to stumble upon the usbaapl.sys driver issue. it seems that when iTunes installs itself, windows loses the driver and installs it's own driver that recognizes the iPhone only as a camera)

    8. Click "OK".

    9. I had to install three times as the first two tries gave me a message stating that there was an error when installing.

    Once the driver installs your iPhone will wake up and you will see your iPhone in iTunes.

    No disrespect to you guys. You did try to help. But it amazes me that I found the answer on a forum I never heard of and couldn't find or get it here on Apple's forum.

    It seems as if though this happens to be a common problem with a solution very difficult to find. You should sticky this or something.

    A million thanks to Ameezo from

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    Re: iTunes won't recognize iPhone
    Posted: Jun 6, 2008 9:23 PM in response to: KSN380
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    You may have already tried all the steps included with this link, but this is the only reference I can provide.

    iPhone not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Disabling antivirus, drivers not installed properly, or having the wrong driver installed, or a problem with a driver needing a new one just released, etc. - how and why are so many willing to put up with all that? OS X is not perfect and completely trouble free for all users by any means, but.... I've always used a Windows PC at work, and it is a big no thanks for me, but to each his/her own.

    iPhone not recognized in iTunes for Windows

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