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Thread: Before I make my journey to Seattle..

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    Default Before I make my journey to Seattle..
    I have an iPhone that is still under warranty until the 13th of this month, I called the store where I got it from but before I got to the technical support operator the automated guy asked me to enter my phone number. At this point I just hung up because obviously I am not on AT&T.

    -I bought the phone without a contract from the Apple Store at University Village in Seattle.

    -Still under warranty

    -There are dents on the back from dropping it.

    -The slide-to-answer and unlock will not work unless I turn the screen on and off which, if I'm getting an incoming call, will end the call.

    -The ringer also does not work anymore.

    What can I say to the customer service reps in order to have my warranty honored with either a repair or new iPhone?
    (1st gen iPhone 8GB, bought September 13, 2007, I still have the receipt)
    Any advice on what I should say? Maybe a good story to tell the rep.

    Any help at all is much appreciated, thanks a lot guys. Time is ticking away, I plan on going to Seattle (3 hr drive) on Thursday, September 11th.
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    You're in trouble on several ends.

    1) The warrant does not cover accidental damage
    2) You don't have a contract.

    The best thing you can do is borrow someone who has AT&T's sim card, and home that they will take that number.

    Even then, you're going to have to find someone who won't press the issue at the Service Bar for the damage.

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    I am going to buy an AT&T prepaid sim, so the activation part is taken care of. As for the damage, the problem is with the software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kh0sa View Post
    I am going to buy an AT&T prepaid sim, so the activation part is taken care of. As for the damage, the problem is with the software.
    I said this in your previous thread, and I'm going to say it again. If it was a software malfunction, then a restore would fix it. Since it didn't, it's a hardware issue; and since your phone is so beat up, they will automatically attribute it to that.

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    But how can they attribute the touchscreen working perfectly only when the phone is shut off and on to physical damage?

    This problem has happened to my friends who take perfect care of their phone. Also, will the genius make a decision right away? Or will he ask for my address (I'm guessing US address) and say he will ship it there?

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