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Thread: Aah... Irony

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    hi guys,

    Ain't life a blast? After spending two weeks pondering over the virtues of JB my Japanese 3G, iTunes bricked it for me while installing a minor app freshly downloaded from the app store... Hurrah.

    iTunes (7.7) froze during sync, so I had to kill it through task manager. I wonder if I should have cancelled the syncfrom the iPhone or not.
    The next morning, my fully charged iphone running 2.01 started "stratching" the music before crashing down.

    I spent a one hour train ride trying to reboot it but only got the boot logo forever. As I walked by a SoftBank shop, the Japanese distributor, and ask them if they could try and do something about it as I was on the move. They kept if for 2 hours, tried to restore it, with an attitude, for two hours but gave up and handed a new one over.
    Spent the night restoring it, lost some data such as the access to my photoshare account, and damn iTunes made me update to how-so-lame 2.02 as gravy...

    Why worry about bricking when apple does it for ya?

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    your phone was not bricked. it still turned on but due to the abrupt end to a syncing process, there's probably a process/application that got stuck while trying to boot. it was most likely still restorable, in DFU mode, but perhaps the people you brought it to just didn't have proper training

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    ouch, that hurt! You're probably right but I doubt Apple employees have it either... I guess getting rid of a few scratches cost me a night up restoring. So "bricked" refers to a device completely dead I guess?
    I wonder how many time they'll be "kind enough" to replace it... Here goes my battery refill...

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