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Thread: access sms.db on an iPhone that is not jailbroken.

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    Default access sms.db on an iPhone that is not jailbroken.

    I was wondering if there is a way to access/copy sms.db on my iPhone without having to jailbreak or modify it in anyway?

    I know that there are a few apps out there, but I'm on Windows XP and the only ones I have seen have been for Mac.

    So any light on the subject would greatly be appreciated.

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    ithink the new itunes snags them when you sync but not sure where it puts them
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    i accessed it via the backup file, but now ever since i updated to itunes 8 and upgraded to 2.1 it seems like a different format.


    itunes 7 and i believe 2.0 ->>>
    "bplist00TPathWVersionXGreylistTData_#Li brary/CallHistory/call_history.dbS1.2ODSQLite format 3@ Y

    now with the upgrades:
    TPathWVersionXGreylistVDomainTData_#Library/CallHistory/call_history.dbS2.0ZHomeDomainODSQLite format 3@ G

    see the difference?

    I used to use

    but now with the new formatting i get an sqllite error saying this is not a valid sqllite file.

    any takers?

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    Hi All,
    I would be also really interested to understand what is happening. I use to use for Windows/Linux but it does not work anymore...

    Thanks a lot

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    well, if you are jailbroken you can use plutil directly on your phone if you have erica's utilities installed from cydia.

    if you are not jailbroken, then you need to find a mac I guess

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    Might as well jailbreak. I don't see any reason why anyone shouldn't jailbreak.

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    My phone is not jailbreak, but I guess it does not matter as I would like to use the mddata/mdbackup file that is generated on my computer. I also have a mac

    I would like to keep using my PHP / Perl script that was working pretty well until now.

    That is the error that it given when I do it in comand line:

    perl untitled/481488.mddata v1.5
    Old: untitled/481488.mddata, from: text, to: binary
    TryName: untitled/481488.mddata
    TryName: untitled/481488.mddata
    Unknown plist version 	???Etrigg[some long text]ght INTEGER, UIFlags INTEGER, version INTEGER, subject TEXT, country TEXT, headers BLOB, recipients BLOB, read INTEGER)3indexmessage_flags_indexmessage at line 555, <INF> line 3.
    Unrecognized character x87 at (eval 5) line 1, <INF> line 4.
     in ReadXObject at line 253, <INF> line 4.
    I tried to take the warning line off
     warn "Unknown plist version " if  ne "<plist version="1.0">";
    but it still give me an error

    Anyone has an idea?

    Thanks a lot


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