hi there.
A couple of weeks ago i dropped my laptop and it died. Well the harddisk died. Anyway - i thought the harddisk was just as easy to restore as always with getdataback for ntfs but this time it really died. So all my uni-docs etc died with it including my iTunes library. I know its possible to extract music from my iPhone, bought from iTunes (on the phone) just by letting a fresh iTune installation recognize your computer (you can do this with five different computers), but i would really like to extract all my music and since i am pretty new to iTunes i have alot music on my phone that isnt bought through iTunes, that will be lost when i set up my iPhone to a fresh iTunes installation and start the sync.

Also i have bought some applications (Apo Store) and i would really prefer to keep them. Likewise i would also prefer to keep my SMS. Infact i would prefer to keep everything and just letting a new iTunes installation know that it should sync everything.

Is it possible?