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Thread: my iphone died

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    Default my iphone died
    my shiney new iphone 3g died today
    was working fine was listening to tunes on it
    then i had it sitting on my table as i worked i looked down and the phone was off
    i tried to turn it back on with no luck
    plug it into my pc nothing happens no power no nothing
    i try to get it into restore mode nothing works
    i call apple and they make me go threw the whole process of trying to reboot it and try to get it into restore mode with no luck
    it just simply died and stopped working
    and the only time my local mac store has appointments for me to go and get a exchange is during work hrs
    so im taking a half day tomorrow to go and get me a new phone
    verrrrry strange that it just turned off never to turn back on again
    it was jail broken and all that but since theres no way to restore it coz i cant even turn it on i dont think apple will ever no its been jail broken
    one plus is i get a brand new phone
    but now i have to use up my last body guardz shield to put on it
    hopefully i have no issues getting my new phone

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    what if:

    you go into the apple store and the genius manages to get it turned on? seeing the jailbreakability in all it's glory.......
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    hope it doesnt decide to turn back on when you take it in. play it cool and act like you are a regular unmodding user and youll be cool. good luck man
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    this happened to me. well on my first gen iphone, the speaker got busted. it was distorted. so i went to the genius bar and told them that the speaker is distorted, got a refurbished iphone, i doubt those are brand new since they do not have the same box as the one they sell, although it looked brand new... went back home, jailbreak it, and then got stuck in the startup screen where its just the apple logo, went back to apple store, showed them the phone that was not responding and got another phone at the same day.

    just dont forget to restore IF you do try to power it up again before you go into the store. good luck

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    well i just got back from the mac store
    he couldnt turn the phone on either
    i got a brand spanking new one
    i just finished using quickpwn on it
    love live the jail brake

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