My 16GB iPhone was 1.1.3 OTB, never anything less. Purchased two weeks ago. I just recently unlocked it via ZiPhone (on my Mac), everything was fine. I ported my number to T-Mobile today however, and upon insertion of a T-Mobile SIM card, I am completely unable to sync my iPhone to my mac. It seems as if iTunes (7.6) goes online momentarily when you connect your iPhone to your computer, because I am now getting a message "There is a problem with your iPhone." I disabled my mac's internet connection and re-connected the iPhone, and the iPhone information won't even show up!

Is this some new system to verify all iPhones are on AT&T only? Is there some way to get around this? The iPhone (1.1.3) works fine on T-Mo, I can access everything on the device, but I can't sync with my mac! When I replace the AT&T sim, iTunes syncs fine with the iPhone. HELP!