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Thread: Going from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2

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    Default Going from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2
    I have a 3g with 2.0.1 on it and i want to upgrade to 2.0.2. Is there any way to do this without having to loose everything i have on it now? I dont want to have to re-install everything all over again.

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    You can backup with iTunes for the legit apps, not sure if it will also backup the jailbroken ones. Restore from backup and that will give you the legit apps back. If the jailbroken ones don't come back then i think you have to reinstall them.

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    you can either pwn it with pwnage or upgrade and use quickpwn to rejailbreak it. I had to reinstall all my apps again when I updated seeing as iTunes doesn't save jailbroken apps. you might wanna stay at 2.0.1 until a f later update. I see no difference from my recent upgrade.

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    i'm going from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 now, I was having so many issues with my phone... 3 times now my phone app (what u use to dial and call ppl) has just been freezing and restarting... the first 2 times it went away... this times it's been 5 days no change...

    and lots of other little things that have annoyed the shizat out of me (but i've been able to fix... it's time to move on...
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    As 2.0.2 came out, I had just about had it with 2.0.1 crasing and b/s. So despite lack of a current pwnage tool, i decided to take the plung. I lost cydia in the upgrade, but other than that, all my cydia apps remained (dont know if this is a common thing) as well as my appstore apps(pos's). I repwnd when winpwn 2.5 came out and got my cydia back. As far as i can tell, 2.0.2 is more stable and it fixes a few bugs (such as the sms keyboard bug, and it gave better wifi range), and im only running with a 2g. 3g was expected to be provided with a much better experience. If I were rocking your set up, id upgrade and repwn without a doubt.
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    Thanks to all for your opinions, I think im gonna go ahead and give it a try. I really wanna fix this keyboard lag thing, its getting on my nerves. I wont loose nothing with trying it.

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