Alright I checked my itunes its 7.6 already
The phone I have is new whenever I turn it on it shows to connect to itunes with the itunes logo not the earth like before.. I believe this phone already has the 1.1.3 Im not too sure..
I tried the old unlock trick from my previous Iphone where you hit *#301# at first it didnt work when i put it on hold but i got it to get into the contacts screen finally after messing around for a few mins. I put in the prefs got into it put the wifi on and never autolock. then it says under the 2nd url put and it takes me to a sight then say tap here to unlock iphone and its suppose to work but it never restarts my phone. Then I tried ziphone and it doesnt do anything either. Anyone have an instant messenger or some way for me to get ahold u lol im getting frustrated..
aim - spooncrx1
yahoo - jdmracer03

I believe the phone was made in week 52 from the serial # so winever I run ziphone it just runs its then quits.
I believe i read on this site
If you're week 43 or 44 and up, you will need to check further by installing HW Info from Installer???
But I cant even get to the installer the phone is locked. What is hw info? please help I have the newest iphone running it on my "macbook pro".. Thanks

I hear go to the command prompt which is where on the computer? I must be retarded cause I cant find it.. All I did was download the application ziphone and there is nothing you can do but hit the free your iphone.. then 2 secs later it says done.. Where do I type in "ziphone -j" ?
Is this new iphone unlockable? Ive been reading around and cant figure it out I know its not rocket science lol...