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Thread: Can at&t do something against us with unlocked iphones if they have our imei#?

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    Default Can at&t do something against us with unlocked iphones if they have our imei#?
    I called at&t customer service to add a data plan on my unlocked and jailbroken iphone on 1.1.3 with zibri's.
    they asked for my imei number so they can activate the plan for me and i gave it to them.
    One day later i decided to elimanate the plan so i called again but they refused to take out the data plan as they said that the iphone needs a data plan to function, so i said ok. Then called back later and finally they removed the plan. It is important for you to know that i am not on any iphone plan i am just on my old plan i was on before getting the iphone.

    So my question is can at&t do something just javing my imei?
    and is there a way to trick them so they dont know i have an iphone?

    please reply i am frustrated because i gave them my imei and now they can identify that i have an iphone.

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    nothing legally that I can think off.

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    why would you cal ATT if your phone is unlocked???
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    Quote Originally Posted by julianqm2 View Post
    why would you cal ATT if your phone is unlocked???
    Actually he explained why. He had it WITHOUT a data plan and wanted to know what it was like WITH a data plan, and found out it wasn't as fast as it looks in the commercial so he had them take it off.

    As to "Can they legally do anything" Just ask the customers of sprint that called and complained too many times.

    Q: "Can they do anything?"
    A: YES. They can kick you off their network and ask you to join t-mobile. but they're not going to sue you or anything. THERE the last commenter was right in saying they have no legal reason to. BUT they have ALL the right in the world to kick you off their network WITHOUT a contract termination fee but without much warning either.

    But it looks like they haven't so CAN THEY. Yes. WILL THEY. it looks like they're fine with you paying your bill for the minutes you use, since they don't have to pay apple since they didn't officially sell you the phone.
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    Damn near nothing, unlocking is legal.

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    i didnt mean if they can do legally something against me, i am not worried on that part at all. the only thing i am angry of is that now when i call customer service for any reason, they know i have an iphone and before only an unknown icon appeared in their systems. i have always used unlocked phones. never an At&t crappy cheap phones.

    so this is my concern.

    have a question: if i put my sim in any other unlocked cheap phone and call At&t for a stupid reason will an unknown icon appear in their systems? and if i register the imei number of that phone, then i switch my sim to the iphone which phone will appear?

    please let me know....

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