I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but here goes

I have 1.1.2 with the dreaded sleep no signal issue

1st step

Itunes Restored and updated to 1.1.3

2nd step

Ran Ziphone and downgraded bootloader 4.6 to 3.9

and then rebooted

phone came on asked to activate

3rd step

Ran jailbreak activate, and unlock

got error ziphone returned 1

rebooted and phone went to springboard

inserted my sim and had full bars

after that i tested 5 times leaving my phone in auto lock and locking it manually i called it at 5 min 10 min and 30 min intervals and rang everytime checked youtube and txt messages as well as stocks and weather...ALL WORK!

if it doesnt work the first time just restore and try again

also i downloaded ziphone from the ziphone blog