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Thread: How to: Internet on iPhone through USB. No WIFI. No EDGE.

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    it ain't working on itunes 9
    i i updated the itunnel with the said fixed version but whenever i open proxy_tunnel,it just quits after few seconds

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    Thanks alot. This is very useful for me because my wifi is always so slow.

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    Does this work with an iPod Touch?

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    can any one plz update this thread

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    You will be better off following this tweaked guide of the original, which works fine for my 3g on 3.1.2.

    The tutorial consists of using the following programs.

    an SSH client (Bitvise Tunnelier is easy)
    .net framework 3.5 (recommended)
    iTunes 9 (if not already installed)

    Tutorial here: alk blog: SSH to get your iphone online via USB cable

    I could try simplifying the steps, if its not clear. Good stuff, I use at work!

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    Question Internet in your Iphone via USB
    I was able to make it work on my iphone, IF i have some 3g/edge connection. If I have no service at all, I'm not able to make it work.

    Does anyone can help me with that?



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    thanks zran but i need a new update and we need a test for 3.1.2

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    Exclamation Please please please!!! I need help on this!
    Can somebody help me make it work in my iphone, cause I don't have my F(#*$#( wifi and I don't have 3g/edge

    I tried to use the:

    alk blog: SSH to get your iphone online via USB cable

    and did not work at all, I did everything that it asked to do but it didn't work. I think is because I have 3.1.2 FW

    Please some good soul, you will be helping a lot of people not only me!



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    this is cool, but im think internet sharing + adhoc network :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadKillr05 View Post
    this is cool, but im think internet sharing + adhoc network :P
    Yes.. IF I HAD MY WIFI WORKING I would'nt be begging for this!


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    i also need this one to work again
    i executed the tunnel and then the proxy tunnel
    but both quits after sometime
    3.1.2 and itunes 9

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    Default No Cell Phone Service
    This will work with no cell phone service correct?

    Anyone try this with 4.0?

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    can any one show video of this prodedure i have iphone 3g with ios 4.1

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    I got this working on 5.1.1 here's how:

    I used iFunBox to create a usb tunnel to the iphone, and needed to edit the proxy_tunnel.cmd file to the correct ip, just change [email protected] to what ever IP it shows in iFunBox

    Next to edit the preferences file you may need a plist editor
    Because I'm not sure which interface is the edge network I just added the Proxies key (in OP) to all the interfaces right after the Interface key replacing the old one if present

    <string> (ip1)</string>
    <key>Proxies</key> <<<<<<<<<<<<<< ADD HERE FOR ALL INTERFACES

    Then you need to restart your phone for the proxy stuff to take effect

    I think the wifi interface is en0 so you don't need to add the proxies key there.

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