Got an 16GB 1.1.3 ZIphone and for some reason i can only install apps to the amount of 5 pages on the iphone. (It shows the 5 little dots on the lower portion of the springboard) so on the 5th page i can go as far as 10 apps and thats it. Whatever i install after that Games apps tools you name it my i phone will crash (or better no longer run fully) After a reboot it shows an apple logo with a spinning circle doing its thing and is stuck) yet when i go in through an SSH client and erase the 11th app i added it will boot u again just fine. I tried different apps as the 11th app still the same. DId i hit a limit somewhere ?

Oh yeah and Using the BossTool i checked and i still have 96MB free out of those 300MB.

Any help is truly appreciated.