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Thread: Poor coverage = Weak Battery (tests)

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    Default Poor coverage = Weak Battery (tests)
    This weekend i did some tests while in some rural areas...

    check out the results

    3G Coverage Yes Yes No No
    Edge Coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Edge Enabled Yes Yes Yes Yes
    3G Enabled Yes Yes No Yes
    Wifi Enabled No Yes No No
    GPS On Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Ipod On No Yes No Yes
    Brightness 30% 40% 30% 40%
    Runtime 5:11 4:49 2:51 2:36

    After i was able to get some data from out of the city it was astonishing how different the battery reacted. From the numbers above you can see that while being out of 3G zones and at about 2 Edge bars running GPS and music in the background the battery lasts barely 2 and a half hours. You can up that about 30 minutes by turning down the brightness a notch and turning off 3G. Seems that when the 3G radio scans for its friendlies its sucking down the juice hardcore from the 3G device. Compared to our run time of about 5 hours while cruising around town using gps and music as well.

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    This is correct. I occasionally spend a weekend at the outer edge of a coverage area. My battery even in sleep mode would be almsot dead in the matter of a few hours. I learned that when i travel to areas such as this, to turn off edge and or 3G. This happened with both the old iPhone and the new 3G.

    Wifi will do the same if you are far from the access point and the signal becomes intermittent. My battery would be down to 20% from a full charge just overnight sitting on my nightstand. If I turn off wifi, I'm pretty much still at 100% the next morning. If I leave the iPhone in teh office or practically anywhere else in my house, the battery charge holds just as well.

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