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Thread: URGENT Help!

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    Default URGENT Help!
    Hey guys.

    My brother didnt want his iphone, he got a new nokia.

    So he gave me his iphone. he cancelled the subscription. and i had a few weeks til the subscription ended. which was september the 8th.

    so i have a few days left. but i would have to give it up. i came up with a "genius" idea. i would tell them it got stolen. and they would send me a new one.

    When the 8th came, ill give them the new one, but ill keep the old one that got "Stolen"

    its been unlocked and i put an old sim card in with credit.

    my mum told them it was stolen. but they said "The old iphone will be barred from use with any network" so im guessing it will be locked.

    is there anyway to unlock it so it will work again?

    I havent turned it on yet to see if its locked, as it will come up under theyre noses that the iphone has been turned on. so im going to ait til the new one comes. any ideas guys?

    help please

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    What kind of insurance do you have?? Because AT&T DOESNT offer theft protection on the iphone, nor does Apple.

    So they arent going to give you a new one.

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    O2. We're in england.

    According to the contract. We're covered ffrom theft and damage.

    Theyre going to be sending it to us, they told us by phonecall

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    Ohhh, must be nice.

    Well, thats extremely wrong and dishonest. Also, have no clue what they could do aside from ban it from "their" network.

    Should be able to unlock it for use on another network.

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    True, i mean it is quite wrong. but my mum paid 400, and then 30 a month for ages.

    and now they want it back. which my mum thought was pathetic, so shes like refusing to give it back, so were doing this instead.

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    by the way, it isnt 3g, just a normal iphone

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    Recieved iphone, took back, contract ended.

    My old iphone, is "Blacklisted" i put any Sim in it and at the top it says no Service. It has been unlocked, any way to unlock it from the blacklist?

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    i really would appreciate help!

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    You should be able to just unlock it. I doubt it will work on O2 again though.
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    Ok, put a virgin sim in instead, and instead of saying "Not connected" it said virgin, and it had signal!

    BUT, in contacts it said "My number" so i guessed it was mine. i rang it on my mums mobile, and the homephone, and it said "Calls to this number are not being connected"

    Any ideas?

    Im not trying to sound greedy, or rude because im getting desperate for an answer. but htis really is desperate, i need a phone before my mum goes on holiday.

    So please help!

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