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Thread: Iphone 3g WIFI "SUCKS"?

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    Default Iphone 3g WIFI "SUCKS"?
    hi all , today i just found out that my wifi reception is reallllyyyyy bad.

    before i had a ipod touch and my wifi reception at some places at school was like 2-3bars.

    now with the iphone at the same place i get no reception at all. it doesnt even detect anything.

    maybe its the firmware ... i don't know cuz my ipod was on 1.1.4

    but for me the reception is realllly bad..

    am i alone in this boat?

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    Mine works fine.

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    Default "Wifi doesn't work on iPhone! Really sucks!"
    I have the same problems with my iPhone 3G it really can't detect any WIFI any more, dunno the reason, maybe it's an hardware fault, but it worked much better some time ago....

    I used it since 1 year, in Germany, and I've made all availiable updates?

    My first thought was, that it appears to get down after a while by itself, that I'm forced to buy a new one...

    No, not really that hard, but I have no reason for this issue!

    Could someone explain that?

    I can also be directly beneath, under, over, beside or in the wifi-router, but it doesn't recognize it, and my macBookPro does it from a different room in the same time????

    And the phone could also not recognize the shared LAN connection over the AirPort, there's something in the bushes....?

    --> Sucks!

    My last help is to jailbrake it, tharhar!

    The worst thing is, that there are alot of apps in the store, that could only be installed through a wifi connection in regard of the size.

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    Try a restore, If that doesnt fix it you may need the wifi cable replaced in your phone
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    i have noticed that it dosent pick up weak signals any more. i mean i could be driving down the highway and i get wifi alerts but i think its not as sensative now because 3g is better than 1 bar of wifi. just my thoughts. Could be hardware
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    Have you guys removed any launch daemons?

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    Hmm, no,

    it doesn't work also after restore, with manual input of the network and really the same type of iPhone beside mine does work properly, there must be an internal hardware leak... Hmm... Ok I'll look for new antenna!

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