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Thread: Im Screwed :(

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    Default Im Screwed :(
    Well Ill start out by saying I have a Jailbroken Iphone - I guess that goes without saying since im posting here haha, but anyways recently one night I plugged my phone into the wall charger before I went to bed and when I woke up the next day it was dead? I tried plugging it into the computer/wall/waiting hours, but got nothing and I had no way of charging it.
    With some dumb luck I discovered that my stereo ipod charger worked somehow and I could charge it. But when i turned it on the HOME BUTTON WASNT WORKING, and i could barley recieve any calls.

    With my newly charged iphone I plugged it into my computer again: "USB PORT DRAWING TOO MUCH POWER. THE PORT WILL BE SWITCHED OFF" and i still can only charge from my stereo. I cant even connect to itunes or my computer at all to even restore it.

    I have no idea what to do - it seems somethings messed up with the hardware but how could i even go about fixing it. I dont think apple would cover it even.

    Ive tried every trick in the book as far as resetting and that stuff but Im stuck!


    Thank you !

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    I remember this, I have seen it once before. It was indeed a major issue and needed to be tossed back to apple, no repair option.

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    Is there any way of getting rid of the fact that i jailbroke it - or hide it from apple? If they cant plug it in can they still find out if i modded it?

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    Apple will be able to detect a jailbreak at the Apple store, IF they are able to get the iphone on. Just looking at it would probably clearly show that it is jailbroken. You best bet (I would say) is to let the battery drain to the point where it won't turn on at all and take it in to the store. Don't mail it, I almost guarantee no luck if you mail it. If they aren't able to turn it on they will probably just give you a new one. if you are not on ATT don't forget to swap the sim card out. You don't need to put the ATT sim in there, just make sure you don't have something like a T-Mobile sim inside :P
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