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Thread: Terrible Battery on 2g Iphone... I tried it all.

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    Default Terrible Battery on 2g Iphone... I tried it all.
    I recently aquired a 2g iphone that I unlocked and planned on letting my girlfriend use it.

    Its unlocked running 2.0 (5a347)

    When I got the phone, I used it for a day to test it out. Took it off the charger at 7am, and my 3pm it was DEAD and I barely used it. This went on a few more times so I ordered a new battery.

    Battery installed

    I charged the phone with the cable/ac. No SIM/WIFI off/ Basically a fresh install with nothing running.

    I let the phone sit idol/ sleep with nothing on it just to see how long it would last.

    within 8 hours it would not turn on due to it being dead....

    what can I do to get a useable battery life. 8hrs without touching a thing is not acceptable or useable.


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    Sounds like somethings up on the inside or its not charging right, cause thats pretty weak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    Sounds like somethings up on the inside or its not charging right, cause thats pretty weak.
    it charges fine and will fully charge, it just doesnt last for more than 8 hours regardless if its in use with a sim, or just sitting idol on my bureau with no sim, wifi off, basically a paper weight....

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    same issue here. Its either some app you have downloaded or maybe something with the jailbreak process.

    Mine doesn't last 8 hours either. I have vwallpaper and intelliscreen so I kinda attribute it to that, they run constantly and consumes a lot of processor.

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    Since upgading to 2.0 series my battery has been ****.

    And I don't have any processes that run in the background outside the standard apple ones.

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    so whats the solution less than 8hrs idol is not even useable.

    unless you walk around with a generator to charge it all day

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    Strange, I have an iphone on 2.0.2 and that lasts for 3 days moderate use on 1 charge, and another on 2.0.1 that lasts around 2 days with moderate to high game use. Both are 07 model 2g's so the batteries should be pretty worn by now.

    The only suggestions I have are to fully charge it, reboot it, turn off push, set autolock to 1 minute and any apps you use force shutdown them by holding the home button until the home screen appears. See how long it lasts then.

    Rolleyes, on your restore with clean firmware did you set up as new iPhone or restore from backup? It could be something it is pulling in from the backup restore that is doing it?? IDK
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