ok im on 1.1.4 iphone on t-mo and everything works fine but when i go to my sites that i go to example..ENGADGET/MYSPACE sometimes it works fine it loads good and all on edge but later on when i try to go back on it the page dont load up complete theres blue text and big fonts and no background of the sites page.i did notice that when i clear everything up it the ''keep me signed in'' is always checked.but when i use wifi it dont get that problem loads fine..is because of my egde from t-mo thats causing the problem?

but most all sites work fine loads up with everything o..

are you guys from att get this problem too some time?

i do have the 19.99 t-mo data plan and have internet2.voicestream.com on edge settings..cookies are set to always and tried from visited but still dose the same..i tried reboot/hard reboot after adjusting the setting same still..i didnt have this problem before..i clear all cookies chace history still dose it..but sometimes it loads just fine

do i need to restore or what? to fix this minor problem i hate restoringor it could be a app that i installed that cause this minor issue..