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Thread: Wishes should be Pennies

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    Default Wishes should be Pennies
    Many of my friends have Sidekicks, and I'm always impressed by how much fun the games are. I've really tweaked out my iPhone with a custom Springboard (5 icons), NES, LightsOff (I had this in hardware a million years ago!), and a shortcut to Field Test. My wish is that there were more, better games for the iPhone. The Duck Hunt web app is a step in the right direction. It's one of the only games I've seen to really consider how interacting with a screen is different than interacting with a controller. Like the Wii, playing on the iPhone should be different than playing on an XBox or even a PSP because the input methods are dramatically outside the normal environment. Why should I hit a button marked LEFT to spin a piece in Tetris when I can just twirl it with my fingers on the screen? How about an Arkanoid/Breakout type game where you keep your pointer finger on the bottom of the screen, sliding back and forth to manipulate the paddle (Hell-Lo)? Or a slot machine that you manually spin? I guess my point is that I'm disappointed with the fact that the best games on my phone are 10-25 years old and don't take advantage of the iPhone's cool screen/graphics.
    Best idea (copyright free/free)- A baseball game (fake teams?) shot from above. Hold the batter down with your left thumb and swing the bat with your pointer finger. Pitching could be done by selecting a pitch button and drawing in a box representing home plate/strike zone. Base rundowns could be really fun...
    Are there any games that take advantage of the screen at all yet?

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    not really

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    The iPhone's been out for two months...

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